Two posts in one week. Wow. Crazy. I know. But I wanted to share some pictures I took of the Sunflower fields while we were at Ijams. They are blooming and there are 70 acres of them. So enjoy the pictures.

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Family Time @ the Knoxville Zoo

When you have a family you are always looking for ways to enjoy some time together that won’t break the bank. Normally a Zoo trip will cost close to $100 for a family of 5. But this past weekend we were able to go for $5. You heard me right. It was Dollar Days at the Knoxville Zoo. On this type of event you have to purchase tickets ahead of time so a few weeks back my hubby sends me a text asking if I would like to go to the Zoo.  For that price I would have been stupid to pass it up. So I said yes but the hard part was we couldn’t go Friday or Saturday due to previous engagements that had been made so what did we do? We skipped church and got our tickets for Sunday, shhhhhh don’t tell anyone. 

This was my first time at the Knoxville Zoo since I was in 2nd grade.  Let me just say, I didn’t remember it at all. Honestly, the only thing I remembered from that trip was the bus ride to the Zoo because I sat with my best friend for that year, Beatrice. She was an adorable little red haired girl.  Anyway, we had a really good time.  Because it was cold (since its November and decided this past week that it would finally feel like November) many of the tropical animals were not on exhibit. However, some of our favorites still were.  I love watching animals play and interact with each other. Because we went early in the morning, due to the fact that this event was sold out and we didn’t want to be in the late crowd leaving, some of the normally really active animals were less than active.  But its ok, the kids still had a great time and we got to enjoy some animals that we didn’t get to see at our old hometown Zoo back in South Carolina.


I think the next time I go I would like to go when it is warmer and on a less busy day so that we can really stop and look and learn.  But for the most part it was the time spent with my family that I loved the most. Listening to Boo laugh at the River Otters because one decided to show off for her. We loved our time at the Zoo and looking forward to enjoying it again when its warmer.



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Hiking in East TN and other stuff

I love where we live now. The beauty of the mountains are right outside my window and the Great Smokey Mountains park is about an hour drive from me. You know what that means? It means hiking more is what we are doing. That is one of our family’s favorite past times. Over the past few weeks since I am home full time again we have taken the opportunity to do more stuff with friends and even just with the five of us to be a family. We used to do it all the time and then our situation dictated that a change needed to be made and so, certain things had to be put on the back burner. But God opened the door for us to start becoming more active again. And I must say, I have missed this time with my family and friends.


This past weekend we went hiking at the Laurel Falls trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It was beautiful. First off let me say that its going to take some time for us to get back into hiking shape so we started with a shorter trail. It’s a 2.5 mile hike. It was invigorating. Seeing the gorgeous mountain views was breath taking. In a few weeks those same views will be full of fall color.  I can’t wait to go back and get more photo’s then. The falls was really pretty and Andy saw the back side of a bear as he was walking up the trail away from us. The kids and I didn’t see it but our friend and his son did.


We spent the day hiking with some dear friends and then had a relaxing picnic lunch grilling at one of the beautiful picnic areas next to the water. It was so much fun. I forgot how much fun it was to relax and just enjoy fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. These are the times that refresh the body and soul.


Boo enjoyed a sleep over with our friends daughter and the other two came home with us and we had a relaxing evening at home. Geek Girl passed out in the car. I can’t say that I didn’t blame her because I was ready to do the same.


I hope you enjoy the photos from our weekend get away and if you want to see what else is up with us you can follow me on instagram. Where I post pictures of our family adventures, inspirations and lots more fun stuff.  I also got my hubby hooked on instagram. Head over to his profile and let him know I sent you.

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