Hiking in East TN and other stuff

I love where we live now. The beauty of the mountains are right outside my window and the Great Smokey Mountains park is about an hour drive from me. You know what that means? It means hiking more is what we are doing. That is one of our family’s favorite past times. Over the past … Continue reading Hiking in East TN and other stuff

Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 weeks 21 and 22. Enjoy. Week 21: We went hiking at Ijam’s Nature Center.  It was absolutely beautiful. We hiked the river walk trail. I definitely want to go back and hike one of the other trails. Hubby and I were talking about doing one of the quarry trails next time.   Week … Continue reading Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Field Trip Friday: Fort Loudon (a photo post)

We recently took a trip to a nearby state park where we got the opportunity to visit Fort Loudon. This is a fort that was originally built by the British forces from South Carolina to defend the western border of South Carolina during the French and Indian War. We watched a 30 minute documentary on … Continue reading Field Trip Friday: Fort Loudon (a photo post)

Project 52 Weeks 23-26

Week 23 @Norris Dam State Park in Norris, TN. I couldn’t decide between the above edit or this one. They each have a different feel. Which edit do you like better? Week 24 Swimming while visiting family in Northern Kentucky. Week 25 Took a new headshot for Facebook and Twitter. Week 26 My youngest asking … Continue reading Project 52 Weeks 23-26