Weeks 3 – 5 And Boy I’m Behind…

So I started blogging about our school weeks and got behind. I’m in a wedding this month and planning some other events both for church and our co-op so I got a little thrown off. Not to mention I still have to work and do school with my girl here at home.

We’ve kept pretty busy during weeks 3 through 5. Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as China. We’ve been working on a closed bottle Science experiment for Biology which has been thriving. When we left our co-op we had 2 fish and 1 snail. By that evening we had 6 fish and 1 snail. The following morning we could only find 5 fish and 1 snail. Apparently one of our fish was pregnant. However, My mini me did an awesome job picking out the perfect environment or her creatures. Each student got to pick their environments and thus the point of the experiment. We needed to be able to keep the creatures alive without having to feed them ourselves.

Mini Me chose the following ingredients to make a suitable home for her environment: Lake water, dirt, rock with algae, plants and set it in a place where it gets partial natural sunlight. I guess those ingredients were the perfect fit for her tiny fish and snail. She named the fish but as she chose Japanese names for each of them I can not tell you what they are.

We are working on Algebra 1 in math and it makes my brain hurt a bit. But we are pushing through. We’ve been walking and exercising daily so she gets her PE time in. We’ve also been reading quite a bit about early American history on the side.

I borrowed a book from the library about the Lost State of Franklin. It’s been interesting but because it is set up as a “text book” it can get a bit boring. So I read it as much as I can at night until I fall asleep. Of course the book was written in the 1920’s so it can be monotonous.

Like I mentioned early we have a wedding this month that we will be in so we’ve got lots going on, so, if I forget to post on Monday about week 6 you will know why.

Also I want to share with you a picture I took this past week. I was kind of proud.

Sky, Sun and Church

And on September 14th (2 days after our 21st wedding anniversary), Hubby and I renewed our vows. It was a surprise to me and the first time in the 22 years that we have been together that he was able to pull off a surprise.

10 of My Favorite Photo’s from 2015

I’m going to continue with my Top 10 series this month. This week I’m sharing 10 of my favorite photo’s that we took over the past year.  I hope you enjoy it.

10 photos

1 squirrel 008

1. From January of 2015.  This squirrel was cold and was staying up against the trunk of the tree to stay out of the cold wind. He/she was so cute sitting there I couldn’t help but photograph it.

2 candle 024

2. Again from January 2015.  It was cold outside but we were nice and toasty in the warm house. The flame was beautiful set against a gray dreary day.

3 Hope snow 005

3. March 2015. My beautiful Princess went outside and enjoyed some play in the snow. While I took pics from the door so I could run right back into the warmth of the house.

4 sea dragon 020

4. April 2015 we visited the Aquarium of the Smokey’s in Gatlinburg. This was the first time I had ever seen a Sea Dragon. They were the coolest things ever.

5 grist mill 128

5. April 2015 we drove down into Cade’s Cove and found this adorable little Grist Mill which still runs and you can purchase the ground flour/corn in the gift shop.

6 rose 004

6.  September 2015. Just one of the dozen roses that my beloved bought me for our anniversary.

7 pink rose 008

7. September 2015. To commemorate the day we officially started dating. Wasn’t it gorgeous.

8 smokey mountains 031

8. September 2015. We went hiking with some friends at the Great Smokey Mountains and stopped here to get some pics. This is only one of the many we took here. It was so pretty and this was in celebration that I was no longer working outside the home and had returned home full time.

9 zoo elephant 015

9. November 2015. Our first visit as a family to the Knoxville Zoo. One of our favorite exhibits are the elephants. They are such unique creatures ad so big.

10 zoo on lion 032

10. November 2015.  In our old Zoo my girls had to have their pic taken with the bear statue that lived there. Now we have a new Zoo home and so we had to take a pic with the Lion statue.  Always looking for new traditions to incorporate.

And because I had a hard time deciding on the last photo here is a bonus for you:

bonus zoo girls in tree 056

Bonus: November 2015. My three beauties. How fast they do grow up. In 2015 they celebrated their 15th, 14th and 10th birthdays.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our highlights from this past year. There were so many things that happened but these are just a few fun ones to share with you.  Make sure to come back next week when I share my 10 Favorite Homeschool Blogs.

Hiking in East TN and other stuff

I love where we live now. The beauty of the mountains are right outside my window and the Great Smokey Mountains park is about an hour drive from me. You know what that means? It means hiking more is what we are doing. That is one of our family’s favorite past times. Over the past few weeks since I am home full time again we have taken the opportunity to do more stuff with friends and even just with the five of us to be a family. We used to do it all the time and then our situation dictated that a change needed to be made and so, certain things had to be put on the back burner. But God opened the door for us to start becoming more active again. And I must say, I have missed this time with my family and friends.


This past weekend we went hiking at the Laurel Falls trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It was beautiful. First off let me say that its going to take some time for us to get back into hiking shape so we started with a shorter trail. It’s a 2.5 mile hike. It was invigorating. Seeing the gorgeous mountain views was breath taking. In a few weeks those same views will be full of fall color.  I can’t wait to go back and get more photo’s then. The falls was really pretty and Andy saw the back side of a bear as he was walking up the trail away from us. The kids and I didn’t see it but our friend and his son did.


We spent the day hiking with some dear friends and then had a relaxing picnic lunch grilling at one of the beautiful picnic areas next to the water. It was so much fun. I forgot how much fun it was to relax and just enjoy fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. These are the times that refresh the body and soul.


Boo enjoyed a sleep over with our friends daughter and the other two came home with us and we had a relaxing evening at home. Geek Girl passed out in the car. I can’t say that I didn’t blame her because I was ready to do the same.


I hope you enjoy the photos from our weekend get away and if you want to see what else is up with us you can follow me on instagram. Where I post pictures of our family adventures, inspirations and lots more fun stuff.  I also got my hubby hooked on instagram. Head over to his profile and let him know I sent you.

And remember you can pick up your very own copy of my devotional book Simple Devotions for Women.  It would make a great stocking stuffer for all the ladies in your life.

Project 52 Week 27 Work

My project 52 this week is what I wore to work last Friday. I went in early that morning to learn about the money and what I would have to do in order to open the store. I was only supposed to be there for 30 to 40 minutes then go home get some stuff done and return that evening to work my shift. So guess what, I didn’t wear clothes to work in. Of course the Holy Spirit tried to tell me I would be working that morning but I didn’t listen. lol I really need to listen cause one of the girls called in sick and I ended up staying and working her shift.  So for the first time since I started working I was able to wear jeans to work.


Project 52 South Carolina Week 26

This past week we spent a few days back in Greenville, SC. Of course we couldn’t go to the area without going to Falls Park. It’s one of our favorite places to walk and enjoy time outdoors. And its right in the middle of downtown. It’s beautiful. So this weeks Project 52 is from our weekend there. Enjoy!


Week 25 Coffee

This past week I started making my own iced coffee at home. It’s so much less expensive that way. So for my project 52 I am posting my first attempt at iced coffee. YUM!!!


One Picture for weeks 23 and 24

Project 52 weeks 23 and 24 were very very very hectic. I worked, we had the Perry Stone conference at my church. Went straight into VBS and then I worked some more. During all that my phone decided that it didn’t want to receive texts anymore. We tried everything before having to reset my phone back to factory standards. The good thing was that I already set my settings to back up automatically so I didn’t lose my most important stuff. However because of how busy the last couples weeks have been I didn’t take any pictures since resetting my phone. Crazy I know.

That said this photo represents the last couple of weeks where I have squeezed in some reading time.


So how have your past couple of weeks been?

Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 weeks 21 and 22. Enjoy.

Week 21: We went hiking at Ijam’s Nature Center.  It was absolutely beautiful. We hiked the river walk trail. I definitely want to go back and hike one of the other trails. Hubby and I were talking about doing one of the quarry trails next time.



Week 22: I did not take the photo below. My mom did. But it reflects this past week for me. My amazement that my girls are growing up. Of course this pic is missing our youngest, Boo. But it’s the fact that GeekGirl and Princess are no longer “little” girls and are turning into beautiful young women. This was taken after church this past Sunday. GeekGirl is finding that she is liking her “girly” side and Princess is just her casual self. lol I’m so very proud of them both.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks. Project 52.  And remember to check out the Michael W Smith’s Giveaway (ends June 3rd).

Project 52 Week 19 & 20

Well I skipped another week on my project 52 but I’m catching up again.  So today is week’s 19 & 20. I hope you enjoy.


Week 19: We celebrated Mother’s Day and since the week before had been so busy I took the day and did nothing but go to church, come home let my hubby and kids cook and clean while I sat on the couch and read, watched Paddington Bear and relaxed. It was a great relaxing Mother’s Day. At church they gave away some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer (2 travel bottles) and some Dove chocolates. They were heavenly.



Week 20: It was another busy week but it was a weekend to look forward to. Our kids church had a special guest come to do a Praise and Worship concert for the kids and it was awesome. I worked the product table for her and when we closed up during the service I “snuck” into the kids service and they were having a blast.  The artist that came was Yancy. Maybe you’ve heard of her. If not you really should. She is pretty awesome.  You can head over and check out her website at YancyNotNancy.com.


Project 52 Week 17 & 18

I missed another week of Project 52. So I’m trying to catch up again.


Week 17: Hubby and I got to go to the Pre-screening of the new Kendrick Brother’s movie War Room. It was really awesome and we brought home some pretty awesome swag.


Week 18: We had a quick weekend getaway and hubby and two of the girls decided to walk this mound as it had some spirals in the side of them. GeekGirl and I just watched from the top of the mound.



All in all it was a pretty good couple of weeks.  We had an awesome weekend away and we LOVED War Room which comes out in theaters around the country in August. You can check out the trailer here.