Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 weeks 21 and 22. Enjoy. Week 21: We went hiking at Ijam’s Nature Center.  It was absolutely beautiful. We hiked the river walk trail. I definitely want to go back and hike one of the other trails. Hubby and I were talking about doing one of the quarry trails next time.   Week … Continue reading Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 Week 19 & 20

Well I skipped another week on my project 52 but I’m catching up again.  So today is week’s 19 & 20. I hope you enjoy.   Week 19: We celebrated Mother’s Day and since the week before had been so busy I took the day and did nothing but go to church, come home let … Continue reading Project 52 Week 19 & 20

Project 52 Week 17 & 18

I missed another week of Project 52. So I’m trying to catch up again.   Week 17: Hubby and I got to go to the Pre-screening of the new Kendrick Brother’s movie War Room. It was really awesome and we brought home some pretty awesome swag. Week 18: We had a quick weekend getaway and … Continue reading Project 52 Week 17 & 18

Project 52 Week 14

This past week was Easter week and we enjoyed a wonderful Resurrection Sunday with friends and family and of course we enjoyed new outfits. So my pictures for project 52 are from that celebration. GeekGirl she is 15 and is growing up fast. She is no longer a baby and it makes me sad in … Continue reading Project 52 Week 14

Project 52 Week 13 Sunny Outside

We had a really nice few days of spring last week before we had a bit of a chill over the weekend. Three days in a row I took the kids to the park to play and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Here is a pic from one of those days.

Project 52 Week 12

This past week was my beautiful baby Boo’s 10th birthday. Yep. She is in the double digits now so we did a bowling party for her and her friends. The kids really had a good time and I was sore and worn out after it was all said and done. Here is a couple pics … Continue reading Project 52 Week 12

Project 52 Week 8

It was a crazy week in East Tennessee. So for my project 52 I am posting on of our snow pics. I worked one day and the local schools were out all week long. Hubby only worked 1.5 days last week as well. It was crazy. I’m hoping that spring will come soon. But until … Continue reading Project 52 Week 8

Project 52 Week 6 Pokémon

I’m a day behind posting my project 52. But it was due to some personal issues that had to be taken care of. I’m sure you understand how that goes. So today I am posting my project 52 entry for week 6. My youngest daughter loves Pikachu (I think that is how you spell it). … Continue reading Project 52 Week 6 Pokémon

Project 52 Week 5 Before & After

This week for my project 52 I am posting a before and after. I recently decided to make a change in my appearance and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. What do you think? BEFORE   AFTER It’s much easier for me to deal with. I don’t know why I think I have … Continue reading Project 52 Week 5 Before & After

Project 52 Week 3 and 4

This week I’m posting both week 3 and 4’s entries for my Project 52 because I took last week off to spend time with family. Week’s 3 entry is Pookie. Pookie is Boo’s puppy and he is the softest puppy ever. I threaten to steal him away from Boo all the time but she won’t … Continue reading Project 52 Week 3 and 4