Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 weeks 21 and 22. Enjoy. Week 21: We went hiking at Ijam’s Nature Center.  It was absolutely beautiful. We hiked the river walk trail. I definitely want to go back and hike one of the other trails. Hubby and I were talking about doing one of the quarry trails next time.   Week … Continue reading Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 Week 15 & 16

I know I missed a week in my project 52. I missed posting but I did take a pic of something I have been working on. Week 15 I did some more work on my mirror redo. I decided to turn it into a chalkboard and I will be adding some more detail to it. … Continue reading Project 52 Week 15 & 16

Project 52 Week 2

Today is a rainy dreary day and it was yesterday as well. But the birds still came out to look for food. I really would like to shut myself up until spring. But I can’t do that. I’ve got to much living to do. I hope you enjoy my Project 52 Week 2. It’s not … Continue reading Project 52 Week 2

Signs of Spring

Over the weekend it was warm and beautiful and we got out as a family and walked. We live in complex which has a small green area that is commonly referred to as a park. We live in a pet friendly area so on warm days over the spring, summer and fall you would see … Continue reading Signs of Spring

Autumn {a poem}

Autumn Can you see the colors: crimson, gold and amber? Can you hear the crackle and crunch of the leaves? Can you feel the crisp fall air? Can you smell the scent of a ripe, plump apple? Can you taste the warmth of a freshly baked pie?   ©

Chipmunks Are A Tease

I heard my dog barking and scratching at the back door this morning and here is why. This cute little chipmunk was sitting on our patio gathering acorns that had fallen from the many trees around our home. My dog was going nuts. He was ready to take out this cute little rodent. Of course … Continue reading Chipmunks Are A Tease

Another Month A Fresh Start

It’s another month to set goals. Another month to organize my house. Another month to accomplish that which I set out to do. It’s also the month that I am supposed to finish up my book in order to make it available to you, my faithful readers. It’s crazy as I think about all that … Continue reading Another Month A Fresh Start

Project 52 Weeks 23-26

Week 23 @Norris Dam State Park in Norris, TN. I couldn’t decide between the above edit or this one. They each have a different feel. Which edit do you like better? Week 24 Swimming while visiting family in Northern Kentucky. Week 25 Took a new headshot for Facebook and Twitter. Week 26 My youngest asking … Continue reading Project 52 Weeks 23-26

Project 52 Weeks 19 – 22

Week 19: Our bunny bravely returned this year. Even with the threat of another dog running in the backyard. I hope it survives.   Week 20: The homemade gifts that I got for Mother’s Day this year. I love my girls. Upper left: A friendship bracelet made by S. Upper Right: One of three pictures … Continue reading Project 52 Weeks 19 – 22