Week 2 and Getting Away

We finished week 2 of this homeschool year. It is still hard adjusting to only one kid. She is amazing and awesome but she is not used to having me all to herself.

As we both have had to adjust to new schedules and needs we have had to trust God to show us the path to walk. It’s a new journey and a whole different schedule.

You may think… “you’ve been through this twice before, how hard and different could it be?” So I will be completely honest… It’s completely different. She has a whole different personality, she has different needs. She still needs me. And for me that is all that matters. You see God put this child in my care for me to train up. So her needs are a priority. Right when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and no longer needed is right when the revelation that this kid needs me now more than ever.

We all know that change is not easy. And we all deal with it in different ways. But we can get through it. Right now she and I are helping each other to adjust to life changes. Voids from no longer having her siblings present during the day. Where she is my number one focus. I thank God for this kid because she is helping me to prioritize where I need to be. Which is right here. Family is number one. Everything else has to wait.

On the educational side of things We talked about Egypt. Started Reading Tom Sawyer (among many other things). Began prepping for our Co-Op year to begin and took a quick little weekend getaway over Labor day to see family.

Hope you all are having a GREAT week.


Week 1 Down 35 more to go…

Last week was our first week back in our school routine. It’s Angel’s first year alone. It’s her first week of highschool and I’m not sure she is enjoying this “alone” time. I know she will adjust. Just as I will. But its taking us some time to get used to a lot of one on one time.

This week we started studying World History. Sumer, Ancient Egypt and the Fertile Crescent civilizations. We talked about the geography of North and South America and started reading some Poetry to warm us up for Literature and Composition. Since she is doing her math and science via co-op (as well as an art class), We had a couple weeks free of some math and science. We are also learning about the four square writing method and adding in some additional grammar exercises as well as Health and P.E.

So all in all a good first week of homeschool.

Later in the week I will let you in on the books I’ve been reading. And then next week you can catch up on our week 2.

Have a great day.

Guatemala, Camp and Growing Up

I know its been super quiet around these parts. It’s because this month is crazy busy for our family. And it never slows down. I always think if I can just get through this then it will calm down a bit but that never happens. I don’t know why I continue to think that way. But, alas, I do.

I’ve got some more reviews coming up… A couple books and another Bible review that will be uploaded to YouTube on Friday.

But anyway, today I’ve been pondering the fact that my kids are growing up. My oldest, Sierra, is currently in Guatemala with a group from our church and two other churches from around the country (North Carolina and Indiana). I have been missing her like crazy. She is serving with Living Waters Ministries which has been around for a good long time. They do amazing things. We took her to the airport on Monday and had not heard from her until last night. She is loving it. She is already talking about going back.

This kid of mine is so much like her Grandfather. She loves learning about other cultures and loving on babies. That seems to be her favorite part. Loving on the kids in the orphanage. They spent some time last week in sister cities San Marco and San Pedro visiting schools and ministering on the streets. In that three day campaign 752 people received Jesus for the first time and 200 re-dedicated their lives to him. Isn’t that awesome? God is so good and I am so proud not only of my girl but of all the other kids that went as well. God is using and changing them.

I can not wait til she returns so I can give her big hugs and never let her go again. LOL No, I will let her go. Because I know that this is something God has called her to do. My baby has a strong desire to see God change the nations of this world. I would never deny her that opportunity when she has it. It’s still hard letting them go, though.

While our oldest is in Guatemala our youngest, Angel, left for camp yesterday. I can’t believe how  quickly these squirts of mine are growing up. She was pretty confident that she would have a great time. And she was looking forward to, of all things, the food. Now I must say that last year I went as a counselor and the food was amazing. So I am with her on that one.

I am so glad the girls are independent and love to go when they have the opportunity. But I do miss them greatly when they are gone. But as my husband told a friend of ours at church yesterday… “Don’t worry. We still have Hope.” Which she proceeded to laugh so hard about that I couldn’t help but laugh about it either. But its true. Our middle daughter, Hope, is still home and we have some fun things planned for just the two of us. Hope is a good kid and is so looking forward to going on missions next year. But until then she gets some much needed one on one time with mom and dad.

I love these girls of mine. And as hard as it is letting them go so they can spread their wings and fly, we continue to let them. Because its a wonderful experience for both them and us. The experiences, stories and changes that take place in them are worth every second of any tears we may shed. And believe tears were shed and as they grow up and go out into the world more will be shed as well.

So I leave you with a couple beautiful pictures that my girl sent us from Guatemala. She is seeing the beauty in everything.


The picture above is a Volcano. She is on the Living Waters Main Campus in Xela (There is a much longer name but that is what they call it).


She knows how much her momma loves flowers and sent this one to us. She said the flowers are so pretty there.

April Re-cap Homeschool Mother’s Journal

Can you believe that it’s time for another Homeschool Mother’s Journal entry? It has definitely come pretty quickly but alas, here we go.

April Recap

In my life this month…

April flew by. I really can’t believe we are in the first week of May and that is just about over as well. Crazy isn’t it. We’ve kept our weekends pretty busy this month helping a family member on the weekends when we can with some things. We’ve also been busy with church activities, working on the next few weeks of school to prepare for the last weeks before summer break. Looking ahead to the fall. Also prepping for my oldest daughters trip to Guatemala with the youth group.

It feels overwhelming but yet I’ve been trying to not focus too much on the future (besides regular planning) and just working on one day at a time. That in itself can be tough sometimes.

In our homeschool this month…

We are getting to the point where we are almost finished with homeschool for the year. We finished the reading part of our history. We are just working on the test for it. But my older two have some science, english and math to finish and my youngest is working on finishing english and math. Plus finishing up some read-alouds. We are reading through the Prince Warriors series by Priscilla Shirer. All my kids are loving it. It’s got a Chronicles of Narnia feel to it with a modern twist.


My favorite thing this week/month…

I found this really cute tee that I want to get from ThinkGeek.com. I’m really thinking I need this shirt.



A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Fave Quote CS Lewis.png

On my blog, in case you missed it…


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Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Journal review

I absolutely love journal’s, pretty notebooks and coloring. So I saw this journal and had to check it out. I can say that I am hooked. This journal is a wonderful place to read a scripture and give you the opportunity to be creative by writing out your thoughts, hopes and dreams and color the pages around it.

Each 2-page spread is different. Some have lots of coloring to do and others have minimal coloring. Then there are pages where it asks you to draw/illustrate an idea or person.

The cover is beautifully illustrated and it is also a hard back. Therefore, it protects the pages inside. The pages are thick but I noticed that if you are using a heavy pen like a gel pen or marker it can bleed through to the other pages but yet not completely. So you can use them but I would be careful of how think the ink is in the media that you use.

For someone like me this is a beautiful journal and I would love to receive this as a gift. With Mother’s Day coming up this might be an idea for mom.

I took a few pics of the interior pages so you can see the different types of spreads that are in this book.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a little more information about this book from the publisher. To purchase you can click on the book title or image below.

A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal

Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal invites you to mix creative journaling and coloring into your personal time with God. Prayers that focus on topics such as being thankful, dealing with stress and heartache, caring for yourself and others, listening for God’s leading, and waiting patiently on Him will guide your thoughts and calm your spirit. Filled with more than 100 designs to color, plenty of space for journaling, and 40 needs-based prayers, Tranquility will help you express your devotion to God with your whole heart.

Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Tyndale for providing me with a free copy of this book to review and post. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

*This post does NOT contain any affiliate links. I will NOT be compensated if you purchase through the links above.

Our Homeschool in Review Sept. 2014

The first few weeks of school have been pretty good. The girls have worked hard and have continued to be focused on their schooling. Some days are more difficult than others. But they are really focused on doing well this year.


Here first year of high school is going much smoother than she would have thought. She is learning a lot of and focused on doing well in her work. Although we have had some struggle in math and I have had to tweak some of the lessons so she would be able to understand it better she is doing very well. She has been studying different animals around the world as part of her biology course. She is also doing some Art History and her daddy took her on a field trip to the Art museum. He said he was so impressed with her knowledge of the type of art and style’s. While there she got to create a box at a craft station that was set up. She loves art of all types and enjoys doing anything creative. She always had and we have always encouraged it. She Homeschool (1)still needs to work on handwriting and spelling but over all I am very pleased with how well her year is starting off.


She is a bit more reluctant as far as math is concerned but she is doing fairly well. Science she is ahead of schedule and reading has improved immensely. We also need to work on handwriting and spelling more with her but she has a much neater writing style than either of her sisters. With her its more spacing issues than anything. She forgets to space things out and we will begin working on speech in the weeks to come.


Some days she buckles down and gets the work done. Other days its like pulling teeth. Her reading has also improved so much to where in the weeks before she didn’t even want to read but now she is quickly seeing the benefits of it. Math she gets bored with fairly easily and apparently its because she is actually comprehending even though she just doesn’t like it. She is pretty much learning a new concept in math daily. I’m just about having a hard time keeping up.  We are finishing up a lapbook on the earth and she seems to be enjoying that.


In the Mystery of History we just finished studying about the Exodus from Egypt and some early Egyptian Pharaoh’s as well as the first Chinese Dynasties (Xia and the Shang). We have been reading “The Secret Garden” aloud and when that is finished we will be starting “The Hobbit”.

A question for my homeschool readers: How is your school year going thus far?

Are you doing anything holiday themed for the upcoming season? Please feel free to share what you are doing and what your holiday theme plans are with us in the comments.

Homeschool Week 1

I’m a bit late posting about how our first week of Homeschool went. Of course with how busy we were last week its amazing we stayed on track. In fact we got a week ahead in our science lessons for the older two which was kind of funny. I’m not exactly sure how that happened but it did. So this week we had a bit of a lighter load, which ended up being a REALLY good thing since mom has been dealing with really bad allergies. It was kind of funny, I looked at my timehop app for this time last year and this is the same time I had allergy issues last year.  Weird, huh?


Oh well, This first week in we really jumped in strong. We delved right into Mystery of History Volume 1 and learned all about Creation, Adam and Eve and Jubal and Tubal-Cain (the masters in music and bronze and iron work).  The girls all made creation books and drew self portraits. The differences because of their ages is so cute. Boo has really dove into her math and reading and is doing very well.  Princess is enjoying learning about basic Mechanics in her science and pre-Algebra. Although she gets frustrated some with it. Geek Girl is excited about Biology and is doing very well in Algebra 1. She is thriving in Art History, Literature and History. You can definitely see where her heart is. This week I’m looking forward to more study time with them.  I’m expecting this year to be a good year from all three.

Here is a look at the girls “self Portraits”.







So how is your homeschooling going?

The Last Week Before School

Last weekend was super busy. Not a bad busy just busy. Last Friday night we went to a drive in with the kids and friends. It was a double feature and we got home after 2am. Needless to say we slept in on Saturday. Well, all of us except for hubby. He gets up early for work and once you start that habit its hard to stop it. So he got up and went to the grocery store so I wouldn’t have too. (That’s another reason why I love him, he knows it’s my least favorite kind of shopping to do.) While at the store he inadvertently locked the keys in the car. The good thing is he was only a mile from home. The bad thing. I had to walk there since we are sharing a car at the moment. Needless to say after that I took a nap. lol I had to work a longer shift Saturday at work and so I was gone from 2 until 9:30 that night.  Sunday morning I worked at church and thus had to be there early and needless to say I slept in on Monday. Why not it is our last week before school.


I have been letting the kids sleep until they wake on their own since next week school starts back and even though they don’t have to wake up at 6am like their public private school counterparts they will be getting up by 8am.  In fact I’ve realized that once a child turns 13 they tend to sleep until noon. I had to wake Princess up Thursday morning AT NOON so we could enjoy some alone time at the pool while all the other kids were in school. I do like people, I just don’t like being at the pool when its crowded and you can’t really enjoy yourself. Actually I am a bit of a recluse. I could be alone without having issues. Yes, eventually I do like to get out but I’m just as happy being at home and getting things done.

Put me in a cabin in the woods with nature all around me and I’m happy at least for a month. Once a month I would have to travel out to someplace and see the rest of the world. lol Actually put me in a cottage on the beach and you would never see me again. lol That’s just who I am and what I like.

We relaxed for a bit on Monday (other than I started the Couch to 5K) and then I had to work that night. Tuesday we enjoyed a day home and didn’t go anywhere. Wednesday (after running day 2 of the Couch to 5K) I had to work again and the kids decided to stay home from church (I know its bad when you let your kids decide, normally they would have said they wanted to go but I think they were all exhausted from the busy weekend). Thursday, I worked on more school planning and really started thinking about taking stock out on HP and Georgia Pacific with the amount of printing I was doing. That evening Andy and the girls helped to clean the kids area’s at church and I had choir practice and helped clean the choir room. Yes, I finally did it. I jumped in and joined the choir. It has been a long time in coming and I kind of felt like the new kid on the block. I was a bit nervous but everyone was so nice and the ones I did know just treated me like I was an old friend and those I just met welcomed me with open arms. It was great. At that point I felt very comfortable. That is one thing I love about this church. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and loving.

Friday night I had to work again and Geek Girl and Princess went to their annual youth camp out as a last hurrah of summer. Since it was just dad and boo left they decided to have a daddy/daughter date. Saturday we picked the older two up who have most likely been awake all night and have our annual complex pool party with games, prizes, music and great food.  Then off to work I go.  Monday morning (when this post will go live) we will be starting school and I will be starting week 2 of Couch to 5K. I’m excited and so are two of my three kids. The other one will come around eventually. lol

Homeschool Mother’s Journal Feb. 27–March 2

In my life this week…

This week we got an offer on our home so now I have seriously been looking for a place in TN. Finding something that both meets our needs and our price range is becoming difficult. Either it meets our needs or it meets our price range. Plus we are looking for a rental or a lease to own right now and rent prices are outrageous. But I know God will see us through.

In our homeschool this week…

We started preparing for next weeks Revolutionary War simulation that will last all 5 days. We are all looking forward to that. Scholastic puts out these simulation books and they have several others that we might do depending on how this one goes.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We will get to see daddy tonight since this is his weekend to drive down and spend with us. We are so looking forward to when this part of the transition is over and we are all back in the same state.

I’m reading…

Life Promises for Couples by Gary Chapman (for review), Take Two by Karen Kingsbury, From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado Bishop (just finished it and did the review) and Ephesians.

I’m grateful for…

God guiding and leading us thus far. I know he will take of all the details for me.

I’m praying for…
A house in our new location to open up that both meets our needs and our price range.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I really enjoyed this short film and it won the Academy Award for best short film.