Weeks 3 – 5 And Boy I’m Behind…

So I started blogging about our school weeks and got behind. I’m in a wedding this month and planning some other events both for church and our co-op so I got a little thrown off. Not to mention I still have to work and do school with my girl here at home.

We’ve kept pretty busy during weeks 3 through 5. Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as China. We’ve been working on a closed bottle Science experiment for Biology which has been thriving. When we left our co-op we had 2 fish and 1 snail. By that evening we had 6 fish and 1 snail. The following morning we could only find 5 fish and 1 snail. Apparently one of our fish was pregnant. However, My mini me did an awesome job picking out the perfect environment or her creatures. Each student got to pick their environments and thus the point of the experiment. We needed to be able to keep the creatures alive without having to feed them ourselves.

Mini Me chose the following ingredients to make a suitable home for her environment: Lake water, dirt, rock with algae, plants and set it in a place where it gets partial natural sunlight. I guess those ingredients were the perfect fit for her tiny fish and snail. She named the fish but as she chose Japanese names for each of them I can not tell you what they are.

We are working on Algebra 1 in math and it makes my brain hurt a bit. But we are pushing through. We’ve been walking and exercising daily so she gets her PE time in. We’ve also been reading quite a bit about early American history on the side.

I borrowed a book from the library about the Lost State of Franklin. It’s been interesting but because it is set up as a “text book” it can get a bit boring. So I read it as much as I can at night until I fall asleep. Of course the book was written in the 1920’s so it can be monotonous.

Like I mentioned early we have a wedding this month that we will be in so we’ve got lots going on, so, if I forget to post on Monday about week 6 you will know why.

Also I want to share with you a picture I took this past week. I was kind of proud.

Sky, Sun and Church

And on September 14th (2 days after our 21st wedding anniversary), Hubby and I renewed our vows. It was a surprise to me and the first time in the 22 years that we have been together that he was able to pull off a surprise.

Week 2 and Getting Away

We finished week 2 of this homeschool year. It is still hard adjusting to only one kid. She is amazing and awesome but she is not used to having me all to herself.

As we both have had to adjust to new schedules and needs we have had to trust God to show us the path to walk. It’s a new journey and a whole different schedule.

You may think… “you’ve been through this twice before, how hard and different could it be?” So I will be completely honest… It’s completely different. She has a whole different personality, she has different needs. She still needs me. And for me that is all that matters. You see God put this child in my care for me to train up. So her needs are a priority. Right when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and no longer needed is right when the revelation that this kid needs me now more than ever.

We all know that change is not easy. And we all deal with it in different ways. But we can get through it. Right now she and I are helping each other to adjust to life changes. Voids from no longer having her siblings present during the day. Where she is my number one focus. I thank God for this kid because she is helping me to prioritize where I need to be. Which is right here. Family is number one. Everything else has to wait.

On the educational side of things We talked about Egypt. Started Reading Tom Sawyer (among many other things). Began prepping for our Co-Op year to begin and took a quick little weekend getaway over Labor day to see family.

Hope you all are having a GREAT week.


Week 1 Down 35 more to go…

Last week was our first week back in our school routine. It’s Angel’s first year alone. It’s her first week of highschool and I’m not sure she is enjoying this “alone” time. I know she will adjust. Just as I will. But its taking us some time to get used to a lot of one on one time.

This week we started studying World History. Sumer, Ancient Egypt and the Fertile Crescent civilizations. We talked about the geography of North and South America and started reading some Poetry to warm us up for Literature and Composition. Since she is doing her math and science via co-op (as well as an art class), We had a couple weeks free of some math and science. We are also learning about the four square writing method and adding in some additional grammar exercises as well as Health and P.E.

So all in all a good first week of homeschool.

Later in the week I will let you in on the books I’ve been reading. And then next week you can catch up on our week 2.

Have a great day.

A Bit of Catching Up

What can I say. It’s been a very busy and sporadic fall. Now we are into Winter, officially anyway. I started teaching at our Co-Op again. I got to teach Ancient World History to 3rd – 5th graders and 6th – 8th graders. I had two amazing classes for this first semester. Great students and awesome helpers.

Next semester I will be teaching History of the World Wars to the 6th-8th Grade Class and Tennessee History to our 3rd-5th grade class. My classes have increased in size yet again. I’m hoping that is a sign that the kids like me. lol

We did Senior photos for my Hope. She is all grown up and so beautiful. Here is a few from her shoot.

This was a fun shoot. The pictures really shows her personality.

Then after all of this I started another new business. I started selling Paparazzi Jewelry. The reason was because I wear so much of it and I love it and its a great price. So its definitely something I can get behind. I started this endeavor in October. So I’m still pretty new to it. But if you want to check it out you can find my online shop here.

Here is just a sample of some of our gorgeous products:

Also before all of this happened the girls and I from Aspiring to be Magazine did a photo shoot. Here are a couple photos from it:

Just a side note the necklace I’m wearing in the photo is from Paparazzi. So I was wearing it long before I started selling it.

It’s amazing to me how God opens up opportunities as well as gives you ideas of things to do. God is just so good and although life is changing constantly as we grow. God puts people in our lives that encourage and support us in all we do. As I pray about new ideas and directions I am learning not to try to push to fast or else we can get derailed. It will all come together in God’s timing.

I’ve also decided that it is therapeutic for me to pick up blogging again. I believe God gives me things and that there are times I need to share it. So I really am going to try to blog more often to keep you updated and to share whatever the Lord has put on my heart. Plus I will throw in a little bling for you to see as well.

I’m going to leave you now with photos of my kids. Can’t believe how old they are now. My youngest were 7, 5, and 2 when I first started blogging. Now they are 18, 17 and 13. Crazy how fast the years have gone. Don’t blink mamma’s or else you might miss it.

From Left to Right – Angel (8th grade), Sierra (College Freshman), and Hope (High School Senior).

I’m so proud of these girls and who they have become. I just can’t believe I’m old enough to have a college age kid.

Well I think I have caught you up to were we are now. But hopefully it won’t be so long before I blog again. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

2017/2018 Curriculum Choices

This year we are utilizing more online choices for our homeschool. All of which are free.

My oldest, Sierra, is in her Senior year. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. When you start homeschooling you know that one day your children will eventually graduate. But it seems so far into the future. However, now here we are in our final year of homeschooling one kid and the second is only a year behind. Thankfully I still have our youngest who will keep me company for at least four more years after her older sisters graduate and move on to college, work or whatever the Lord has for them. I will have another post in the next couple weeks introducing you to our students and a little information about each one.

2017/2018 Curriculum Choices - DiannaAuton.Wordpress.com

Anyway, It’s that time of year where I get to share our curriculum choices for this school year. This is our basic choices and most likely other things will be added.

Sierra – 12th Grade


Hope – 11th Grade


Angel – 7th Grade


Read Alouds: (This is for everyone)

We are planning on throwing in some unit studies and a few other things as well through out the year. I will post about what we have been doing through out each month as I post the Homeschool Mother’s Journal post every month.

*Links are not affiliate links and are there  for you to see what we are using. 


This Week We are…

So I missed my blog day yesterday. Normally I post a little something personal or at least somewhat encouraging on Mondays. Well I missed it. Probably because we did the Mother’s Homeschool Journal last Friday. Oh well, I’ll get back on it.


Anyway, this week the girls are working on studying for their Semester test for Mystery of History Volume 3. That has been our spine for the year and everything else branched from there. We love that series. We are all looking forward to starting Volume 4 this fall.

We also started reading The Prince Warriors book 2 Unseen Invasion by Priscilla Shirer.  My kids are really enjoying the story, even the older two. I’ve mentioned before that its kind of has that Chronicles of Narnia feel to it. I’ve been enjoying them as well. They are really fun stories but they have some really important spiritual lessons in them as well.

We are gearing up for summer. Only a few more weeks and we are done. I think I’m looking forward to it about as much as the kids. I’m working on a couple projects the one will be releasing soon under my P.K. Printables label and the other will release here. So I’ve been working on that. I can’t wait to share them with you.

This week I’m also going to have my kids sit down and create their own vision boards. It will be fun and something to keep their goals and dreams in front of them at all times.

I myself am going to put together a vision binder. Have my main goals on the front and inside its where I will gather all the ideas I have for the future.

So what are you doing this week? And if you made a vision board can you share one or two of the things you have posted on it? Just leave it in the comments below.

I hope you have a blessed week.





April Re-cap Homeschool Mother’s Journal

Can you believe that it’s time for another Homeschool Mother’s Journal entry? It has definitely come pretty quickly but alas, here we go.

April Recap

In my life this month…

April flew by. I really can’t believe we are in the first week of May and that is just about over as well. Crazy isn’t it. We’ve kept our weekends pretty busy this month helping a family member on the weekends when we can with some things. We’ve also been busy with church activities, working on the next few weeks of school to prepare for the last weeks before summer break. Looking ahead to the fall. Also prepping for my oldest daughters trip to Guatemala with the youth group.

It feels overwhelming but yet I’ve been trying to not focus too much on the future (besides regular planning) and just working on one day at a time. That in itself can be tough sometimes.

In our homeschool this month…

We are getting to the point where we are almost finished with homeschool for the year. We finished the reading part of our history. We are just working on the test for it. But my older two have some science, english and math to finish and my youngest is working on finishing english and math. Plus finishing up some read-alouds. We are reading through the Prince Warriors series by Priscilla Shirer. All my kids are loving it. It’s got a Chronicles of Narnia feel to it with a modern twist.


My favorite thing this week/month…

I found this really cute tee that I want to get from ThinkGeek.com. I’m really thinking I need this shirt.



A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Fave Quote CS Lewis.png

On my blog, in case you missed it…


If you want to read more entries for the Homeschool Mother’s Journal at iHomeschoolNetwork.com then click here.


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Week 2 in Review

Week 2 went pretty well for our homeschool. The girls are starting to get into a good routine on how to get their work done in a timely manner.

We completed week 2 of Mystery of History Volume 4. We talked about sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. It was a really scary thing for new travelers to experience as Europeans had never before made it that far before. Especially after hearing the legend of sea monsters and boiling waters at the Equator.

We listened to the music of and learned a bit about the life of Georg Freidrich Handel. Here is a sampling of his Water Music piece for you to enjoy.

We also studied a little more of the Classical Art Style and discovered a great resource for FREE art masterpieces coloring pages.

We are still in the areas of Spain, Portugal and Italy for both History and Geography. We are looking forward to next week as we branch out and start heading West with Christopher Columbus.

At the end of our week we headed out to the Zoo and the kids fed a Giraffe, watched the Bird show, and pet Monty the Python (obviously the zoo keepers had a sense of humor).

Here are a couple photos from that day.



There was also an Asian festival in our city and we checked that out as well.


How was your week?

My Crew and Our First Week of Homeschool

We are starting our second week back in school and our first week went very well. The girls actually got ahead on their school work which is really okay with me. We learned a little about The Renaissance including the areas of Spain and Italy. We listened to Johann Sebastian Bach and studied about the Classical Art styles of the early Greek and Roman artists.

The girls are progressing in their math classes and science. And I am proud to say that they are actually enjoying much of their schooling so far. This week we will be adding a little more into their weekly mix but not much. We are just about up to full load.

I wanted to share our first day of school photos with you.

Sierra is my Junior and she is excited about school this year mainly because she is taking Driver’s Ed and she is very anxious to get a job.


Then we have Princess, my sophomore. Her favorite classes so far are History and Sign Language. She is not loving Algebra but that’s okay. Not everyone does.


And of course last, but certainly not least, is my 6th Grader: Boo. She is not thrilled with doing any school but it’s okay because she still does fairly well.


And there you have it my homeschool crew and our first week of school.

How is your school year going?  Have you started yet?


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