A Bit of Catching Up

What can I say. It's been a very busy and sporadic fall. Now we are into Winter, officially anyway. I started teaching at our Co-Op again. I got to teach Ancient World History to 3rd - 5th graders and 6th - 8th graders. I had two amazing classes for this first semester. Great students and … Continue reading A Bit of Catching Up

Blogging Changes & Life

We've been fairly busy these last few weeks with the new co-op in full swing and regular homeschool classes. Plus I've become more social in real life. HaHa! This introvert has been forced out of her shell and become an extroverted introvert.  In other words by nature I'm and introvert and I've taught myself to … Continue reading Blogging Changes & Life

Where did September go?

Oh my goodness, I can't believe we are at the end of September. And yet the last time I actually wrote a "catch up" post was in August where I introduced you to my students. Of course I will try to remember to post to the Homeschool Mother's Journal next week, if I remember to … Continue reading Where did September go?


Did you know I was on Tumblr? Well I am. I share a little bit about everything on that blog where as here is more about homeschooling, book reviews and faith. There is where I share well "A Little Bit of Everything." You should totally check it out. I think you will enjoy it and … Continue reading Tumblr

I’m so very sorry…

I have been the worst blogger lately. It's like a really bad friend. One who gets so caught up with their own life and forgets to connect with you. UGH. I promise you that has not been my intention. It seems that April has just been such a busy month for us. We are working … Continue reading I’m so very sorry…

March re-Cap

I know I've not been around here much and I'm very sorry. I've gotten quite a few review posts done but otherwise I have been really busy this month working on a brand new project that my sister and I have been working on. On March 20th my sister and I launched Aspiring to Be … Continue reading March re-Cap

10 Blogs You Should Follow for Women

Today I am concluding our Top 10 series with 10 blogs/sites that I believe all women should follow. Each are different in their own unique way, but they all offer some awesome resources, encouragement and more. Female Entrepreneur Association – This is a great resource if you work, whether it be outside the home or … Continue reading 10 Blogs You Should Follow for Women

12 Posts from 2015

  Do Not Dwell on the Past 20 Things About Me Where I Want to Be in 10 Years 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer A Little Old Fashioned What I Learned From My Trip to South Carolina Transitions and Changes Simple Devotions Now Available Changes are an Ongoing Process It’s Fall … Continue reading 12 Posts from 2015

Changes are an Ongoing Process

I know I’ve taken quite a long break. Many things have changed. In real life and on the site. The first major change was we moved from one apartment to another. It was a good move. We went from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom so the girls can now spread themselves out … Continue reading Changes are an Ongoing Process

Transitions and Changes

I know I have been gone for a couple of weeks but there are some good reasons for it. The most important is that we have moved. We moved out of our three bedroom apartment and into a four bedroom apartment. However, this is not our full transition. This is just a temporary place as … Continue reading Transitions and Changes