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Where did September go?

Oh my goodness, I can't believe we are at the end of September. And yet the last time I actually wrote a "catch up" post was in August where I introduced you to my students. Of course I will try to remember to post to the Homeschool Mother's Journal next week, if I remember to… Continue reading Where did September go?



Did you know I was on Tumblr? Well I am. I share a little bit about everything on that blog where as here is more about homeschooling, book reviews and faith. There is where I share well "A Little Bit of Everything." You should totally check it out. I think you will enjoy it and… Continue reading Tumblr

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I’m so very sorry…

I have been the worst blogger lately. It's like a really bad friend. One who gets so caught up with their own life and forgets to connect with you. UGH. I promise you that has not been my intention. It seems that April has just been such a busy month for us. We are working… Continue reading I’m so very sorry…

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March re-Cap

I know I've not been around here much and I'm very sorry. I've gotten quite a few review posts done but otherwise I have been really busy this month working on a brand new project that my sister and I have been working on. On March 20th my sister and I launched Aspiring to Be… Continue reading March re-Cap

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10 Blogs You Should Follow for Women

Today I am concluding our Top 10 series with 10 blogs/sites that I believe all women should follow. Each are different in their own unique way, but they all offer some awesome resources, encouragement and more. Female Entrepreneur Association – This is a great resource if you work, whether it be outside the home or… Continue reading 10 Blogs You Should Follow for Women

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12 Posts from 2015

  Do Not Dwell on the Past 20 Things About Me Where I Want to Be in 10 Years 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer A Little Old Fashioned What I Learned From My Trip to South Carolina Transitions and Changes Simple Devotions Now Available Changes are an Ongoing Process It’s Fall… Continue reading 12 Posts from 2015

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Changes are an Ongoing Process

I know I’ve taken quite a long break. Many things have changed. In real life and on the site. The first major change was we moved from one apartment to another. It was a good move. We went from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom so the girls can now spread themselves out… Continue reading Changes are an Ongoing Process

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Transitions and Changes

I know I have been gone for a couple of weeks but there are some good reasons for it. The most important is that we have moved. We moved out of our three bedroom apartment and into a four bedroom apartment. However, this is not our full transition. This is just a temporary place as… Continue reading Transitions and Changes

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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 31

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 31: Weird Quirk of Mine I’m sure I have multiple quirks but a couple of my quirks that I discovered where quirks involve food. To be more specific candy. Let’s start with Reese Cups. I have to eat the edges first before eating the center peanut buttery part. I actually… Continue reading 31 Day Blog Challenge Day 31

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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 30

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 30: Favorite Comfort Food I love food which is probably a problem. Especially for someone trying to lose weight and get fit.  However, I have lots of things I call comfort foods. Here are a few: Extra Crispy Fried Chicken. I can’t help it I’m a southern girl when it… Continue reading 31 Day Blog Challenge Day 30