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VideoText Interactive Review; Algebra: A Complete Course

  VideoText Interactive has given GeekGirl the opportunity to try out their Algebra: A Complete Course online video curriculum program. This is a complete Algebra course beginning with what we would call Pre-Algebra and ending in Algebra 2. It is taught straight through rather than taking a break from it to do Geometry. Which they … Continue reading VideoText Interactive Review; Algebra: A Complete Course

The Presidential Game Review

The Presidential Game company sent us their game for review. We were so excited to receive it and try this out. This is a fun game for at least 2 or more players ages 11+. The game itself is priced at $35.  You divide into two teams Republicans and Democrats. The goal of the game … Continue reading The Presidential Game Review

PeopleKeys The Personality Style Workbook Review

PeopleKeys sent to us The Personality Style Workbook to review for the TOS Review crew. It’s for ages 13 to 18. It uses their DISC personality system in order to gain a better understanding of your child’s personality style. It includes: A student DISC assessment, scoring instructions, personality style descriptions and an action plan for … Continue reading PeopleKeys The Personality Style Workbook Review

Doorposts Beauty in the Heart Review

Doorposts sent me their Bible study called Beauty in the Heart for me and my daughters to review. This comes in either as a softcover study or you can get it as a PDF download. We received it in softcover format. It’s priced at $14 and is geared for girls ages 12 and up. In … Continue reading Doorposts Beauty in the Heart Review

Reading Kingdom Review

We had the opportunity to try Reading Kingdom’s online program to review. This program is for kids ages 4-10 improve their reading skills. It’s an easy to use program and teaches a child to read up to a third grade level. When you sign up for Reading Kingdom online you get your first 30 days … Continue reading Reading Kingdom Review

Notgrass Company Review

I recently got to use and review Notgrass Company’s America the Beautiful Curriculum Package. We used both the America the Beautiful Student Workbook and the America the Beautiful Lesson Review .  The complete curriculum package is priced at: $99.95. This is for ages 10-14 (grades 5-8). You are not required to use  the student workbook … Continue reading Notgrass Company Review

Mayan Mysteries: Dig It Game Review

Dig-It Games has given my children and I the opportunity to try out their game Mayan Mysteries Online Game . This is a fun educational game where you get to help find the looters that have been digging at different Maya cities and looking for something specific. As you travel around the different dig sites you … Continue reading Mayan Mysteries: Dig It Game Review

IEW Teaching the Classics Review

Institute for Excellence in Writing sent me Teaching the Classics  to try out for a review. This is a DVD seminar and workbook to teach parents/teachers how to teach the classics without having to have a degree in literature. The DVD and Workbook are priced at $89.00. Here is a little blurb from their website about the … Continue reading IEW Teaching the Classics Review

MotherBoard Books Review

  This month I got the opportunity to review Motherboard Books program Let's Make a Web Page for students.   This is geared for ages 8-14 and is priced at 19.95 for the e-Book which is what we received.  This is a fairly short program and you can do it in a matter of about 4 … Continue reading MotherBoard Books Review

Spanish For You Estaciones Review

I got the opportunity to try and review Spanish for You! Estaciones You can purchase this product or others by going to the purchase page.  The complete program is $64.95 and covers grades 3-8. If you don’t need that big of an age range you can get Grades 3-4; 5-6; or 7-8 for $39.95. You … Continue reading Spanish For You Estaciones Review