Reviews, Sales, Holidays and More

Well I just can't seem to get up to blogging every week like I used to. But oh well, such is how life works. We tend to go through seasons. And as we do, things change. Priorities change and some things aren't as important any more. I'm not saying you, my friends are not important, … Continue reading Reviews, Sales, Holidays and More


10 of My Favorite Photo’s from 2015

I’m going to continue with my Top 10 series this month. This week I’m sharing 10 of my favorite photo’s that we took over the past year.  I hope you enjoy it. 1. From January of 2015.  This squirrel was cold and was staying up against the trunk of the tree to stay out of … Continue reading 10 of My Favorite Photo’s from 2015

Hiking in East TN and other stuff

I love where we live now. The beauty of the mountains are right outside my window and the Great Smokey Mountains park is about an hour drive from me. You know what that means? It means hiking more is what we are doing. That is one of our family’s favorite past times. Over the past … Continue reading Hiking in East TN and other stuff

Project 52 Week 27 Work

My project 52 this week is what I wore to work last Friday. I went in early that morning to learn about the money and what I would have to do in order to open the store. I was only supposed to be there for 30 to 40 minutes then go home get some stuff … Continue reading Project 52 Week 27 Work

Project 52 South Carolina Week 26

This past week we spent a few days back in Greenville, SC. Of course we couldn’t go to the area without going to Falls Park. It’s one of our favorite places to walk and enjoy time outdoors. And its right in the middle of downtown. It’s beautiful. So this weeks Project 52 is from our … Continue reading Project 52 South Carolina Week 26

Week 25 Coffee

This past week I started making my own iced coffee at home. It’s so much less expensive that way. So for my project 52 I am posting my first attempt at iced coffee. YUM!!!

One Picture for weeks 23 and 24

Project 52 weeks 23 and 24 were very very very hectic. I worked, we had the Perry Stone conference at my church. Went straight into VBS and then I worked some more. During all that my phone decided that it didn’t want to receive texts anymore. We tried everything before having to reset my phone … Continue reading One Picture for weeks 23 and 24

Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 weeks 21 and 22. Enjoy. Week 21: We went hiking at Ijam’s Nature Center.  It was absolutely beautiful. We hiked the river walk trail. I definitely want to go back and hike one of the other trails. Hubby and I were talking about doing one of the quarry trails next time.   Week … Continue reading Project 52 Week 21 & 22

Project 52 Week 19 & 20

Well I skipped another week on my project 52 but I’m catching up again.  So today is week’s 19 & 20. I hope you enjoy.   Week 19: We celebrated Mother’s Day and since the week before had been so busy I took the day and did nothing but go to church, come home let … Continue reading Project 52 Week 19 & 20

Project 52 Week 17 & 18

I missed another week of Project 52. So I’m trying to catch up again.   Week 17: Hubby and I got to go to the Pre-screening of the new Kendrick Brother’s movie War Room. It was really awesome and we brought home some pretty awesome swag. Week 18: We had a quick weekend getaway and … Continue reading Project 52 Week 17 & 18