It Takes Faith to Climb a Mountain

We were getting tired. One of my daughters was in tears not wanting to continue. In her mind she didn't have it in her to continue the journey up the mountain. She struggled with wanting to quit and give up even before gaining the reward that awaited at the top. Exactly whether or not this … Continue reading It Takes Faith to Climb a Mountain


Learning to Say No and Let Go

For the past couple months I have felt a change was about to come into my life. And to some extent we have already had some changes take place. But particularly the Lord has placed it on my heart to write again, to blog again, to pick up some things that I thought I had … Continue reading Learning to Say No and Let Go

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

As life continues on you have seen less and less of me around here. It's just that seasons come and seasons go and I have been patiently trying to adapt to each one that life has thrown at me. With that said. I will blog occasionally but not anything like I have done in the … Continue reading Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Updating and Checking In

I can't believe its been at least two weeks since I last posted anything. I guess its just proof of where my life has gone. I find myself more on social media than on the blog lately.  Plus doing school and many other things. The past two weeks we have been going back and forth … Continue reading Updating and Checking In

My Crew and Our First Week of Homeschool

We are starting our second week back in school and our first week went very well. The girls actually got ahead on their school work which is really okay with me. We learned a little about The Renaissance including the areas of Spain and Italy. We listened to Johann Sebastian Bach and studied about the … Continue reading My Crew and Our First Week of Homeschool

We Celebrated

I hope you all had a very Happy Independence Day yesterday.  We had a really great day. We spent the day with family and friends at Norris Lake and then at the Smokies Ballpark watching our favorite local Minor League Baseball team win a good game. Which was followed by a really great fireworks show. … Continue reading We Celebrated

We’ve finished…

Yep. Last Friday we completed our 180 days of school. I really can't believe it's over and that we are officially on summer break. My kids did well, of course there are areas that need improvement. But, isn't there always.  Even when school has ended and we move into the adult world there is always … Continue reading We’ve finished…

From Flab to Fab

Here we are in another month. April flew by and May is jam packed with stuff to do. Back in February my hubby decided he needed to make some lifestyle changes and I jumped right on board with him. He joined a gym and with his membership I get to go too. So for the … Continue reading From Flab to Fab

I’m so very sorry…

I have been the worst blogger lately. It's like a really bad friend. One who gets so caught up with their own life and forgets to connect with you. UGH. I promise you that has not been my intention. It seems that April has just been such a busy month for us. We are working … Continue reading I’m so very sorry…

March re-Cap

I know I've not been around here much and I'm very sorry. I've gotten quite a few review posts done but otherwise I have been really busy this month working on a brand new project that my sister and I have been working on. On March 20th my sister and I launched Aspiring to Be … Continue reading March re-Cap