It’s a Birthday Giveaway!

Today is my birthday and do you know what that means? It’s only 2 weeks until Christmas!!!!!! Yay!!!! But that is not all. Since it’s my birthday, I’m feeling a little bit generous and thought it would be loads of fun to do a couple giveaways. That’s right TWO giveaways. Giveaway #1:  A bundle pack … Continue reading It’s a Birthday Giveaway!


YamaCon 2015

We are a geeky kind of family. We love Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies. But I love all things that are considered creative. I have many interests.  But my girls are into Anime and cos-play and many other things that I did not get into until I was an adult.  This past weekend my family went … Continue reading YamaCon 2015

10 Favorite TV Shows/Movies

Below is a list of some of my favorite tv shows/ movies divided into categories. Thought this would be a fun list for today. 10 Favorite TV Shows: Castle Once Upon A Time Agents of Shield Sherlock Downton Abbey Star Trek TNG Robin Hood Friends Cosby Show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 10 Favorite … Continue reading 10 Favorite TV Shows/Movies

Chipmunks Are A Tease

I heard my dog barking and scratching at the back door this morning and here is why. This cute little chipmunk was sitting on our patio gathering acorns that had fallen from the many trees around our home. My dog was going nuts. He was ready to take out this cute little rodent. Of course … Continue reading Chipmunks Are A Tease

5 Favorite Family Games

My family and I love to play board games and Wii games together. Do you? Today I wanted to share our top 5 favorite family games. Monopoly – this is a HUGE favorite. It’s actually our number 1 favorite game because its fun for all of us. It’s a good classic game. Plus you can … Continue reading 5 Favorite Family Games


Yep I have jumped on the band wagon and joined Pinterest. You can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest button in my sidebar. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the things I have on my boards right now. From My Boards:   Source: via Dianna on Pinterest Source: … Continue reading Pinterest

Fun Stats from 2010

I really like the new stats feature that blogger has now. It’s really interesting. Not that stats have any reason whatsoever to do with the reason I blog. I blog because I love it. It’s a great outlet for me. I thought I would share a few fun stats with you.   I started this … Continue reading Fun Stats from 2010

Swagger Wagon

I told hubby I need a I ♥ My Swagger Wagon bumper sticker for my minivan. LOL The little girl reminds my mother of Boo. lol

My Week in Facebook Status Updates

Saturday~ I'm seriously up way to late tonight. Need sleep. Falling asleep at the Keyboard. There should totally be an abbreviation for that.... lol.... FAAK.... ROFL!!! okay yeah I need sleep. (12:24 AM) It's morning. YAY!!! lol I know the little things excite me. 😀 (9:01 AM) Happy May Day everyone! (9:17 AM) I am … Continue reading My Week in Facebook Status Updates