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5 Sites I Use for Homeschool Planning & Prep

I know its summer break and our public and private school counterparts are starting summer preparations. But for the homeshool mom we start planning for fall. I am in the home stretch with my oldest two daughters. They will be a senior and junior this fall. It is really crazy since I feel like I… Continue reading 5 Sites I Use for Homeschool Planning & Prep

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The Simple Homeschool Planner

I've added a brand new product to my Priceless Knowlege Printables CurrClick store. You should totally head over and check it out. If you are looking for a Simple Homeschool Planner without all the extra stuff then this is a great planner for you. It's 149 pages of weekly planning pages for up to 4 students… Continue reading The Simple Homeschool Planner

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2016/2017 Homeschool Picks

It's that time of year again. Time where we gather all of our school supplies, books and manuals and plan out and begin another school year. This year I have 3 absolutely beautiful students.  Sierra is beginning her Junior year of Highschool (11th Grade). Oh my where has the time gone? Princess is beginning her… Continue reading 2016/2017 Homeschool Picks

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Our Curriculum Choices for 2014/2015

This year has been a hard year for me to plan. Especially since Geek Girl is a freshman in high school. So we had to figure out all her credits and other things that we needed to get in for the year. If we can stick to the plan this year (thank God there is… Continue reading Our Curriculum Choices for 2014/2015

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Prayer in Your Homeschool

Prayer in our homeschool? How does that work with our school? I’m sure when you first looked at the title of this post you were thinking these or other questions. You may or may not be thinking “why is prayer in our homeschool important? It doesn’t have anything to do with education.” . Well that… Continue reading Prayer in Your Homeschool

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3 Ways to Include the Holidays in Your Homeschool

Can you believe its that time of year again? Here we are, at the beginning of the holiday season.  If you’re like me this is a very frazzled time of year for you. I know many who ask the question “how do you homeschool during the holidays?” . There are many different answers to this… Continue reading 3 Ways to Include the Holidays in Your Homeschool

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FREE Printable Homeschool Planner

I love when you can find something useful for free. There are all kinds of homeschool planners out there but this one is a bit different. For one thing it was created especially by me. I have taken what I like about other planners and cut out what I didn’t like about them to make… Continue reading FREE Printable Homeschool Planner

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Back to Homeschool?

As today begins the first of August I find that many are getting ready to return back to school and homeschool. Since my family is still in transition I have actually planned for us not to start back until September. Hoping that we will have found a place to live by the end of this… Continue reading Back to Homeschool?

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Allowing God to Lead in our Homeschool

I have been homeschooling for 7 years now. And this year we have come to a place that we were just not enjoying it anymore. I was filling out my schedules and so focused on the books that I forgot to seek the Lord and ask Him how to school our kids this year. I… Continue reading Allowing God to Lead in our Homeschool

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Great Homeschool Organization Posts

I’m always looking for good tips and tricks on how to organize and run our home school more effectively. I thought you might be interested in the different ways and ideas that are out there as well so here is a list of posts from some of the home school blogs that I read.  … Continue reading Great Homeschool Organization Posts