Week 6 in Review

Well after Day 10 of our Eco-system experiment we had a couple losses. Our two original fish have died but the 3 babies are still living and the snail is still living. We studied a bit more on Ancient China and We are reading about Persia.

In art Angel has been working on still lifes and she seems to really be good at it. We are working on Algebra more, and the week after Fall break we will be adding in some craft type of stuff. So we can both have the opportunity to be creative.

In my personal life I have returned to the gym. I’m sore but it’s all good. I have also picked up some more sales through my Paparazzi business and praying about my other job. I feel like I’m working hard and I’m wearing myself thin with not much to show.

But I keep plugging away. My hubby has been so helpful and supportive and God has given him favor with those he works with. We try to squeeze in as much family time as possible anymore. Which I love. I enjoy being with my kids and my hubby. I know some people can’t say that but God has blessed me so much in the area of family.

My creative side is burning to be set free and I’ve not had much opportunity to do it. But I’m going to make some time. I think Angel will enjoy it just as much as I will.

This week is fall break for us so no official “school” stuff will be going on but I’m looking forward to some creative fun time.

Have a great week.

Time Flies

When having fun doing school, co-op and packing up the house. I always think I will be on a schedule with blogging and then LIFE happens and things don’t happen the way I have planned.

I planned on writing a wrap up post each week about our homeschool studies and yet that’s not happened. Of course we had to make some adjustments because I got carried away and filled our schedule too much. Of course I realized it mid second week of school and started restructuring our schedule so we are not over doing it and we don’t have to deal with burn out.

We started co-op last week. Which was great. First day back and the girls are having a blast. All though A dropped one class and picked up a different one because she just had no interest what so ever in being a part of that class once she started it. This year the girls mixed it up a bit. This is A’s first year of switching classes I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t make it to her classes but her big sis, H, did a good job of making sure she got to the right place.

This year their schedule looks like this:
S is taking Unit Study on Dogs, Cooking in the USA, Joyfully HIS, and Volleyball.
H is taking American Girl Club, Children’s Choir, Creative Cooking and Lego Club.
A is taking Ooey Goey Science, Children’s Choir, Joyfully HIS and Jr. Lego Club.

A is in choir with H and in Joyfully HIS with S. I am a teacher’s aide for Draw, Write, Now; Magic School bus, I sub one hour and then lunch clean up. I really enjoy working with the kids and getting to chat with the awesome other mom’s there. We have such an awesome co-op.

Also we have worked on the house put in the kitchen flooring and trim piece. We have to finish the floor in the main bathroom and see about carpeting the bedrooms. Then besides finishing the packing and some touch up painting we should be done with the house.

Plus I am getting so excited about going to the Women of Faith Imagine event in Charlotte next week. Are any of you going?

First Day of Co-Op ! YAY

The girls were so excited that they had to have their pics taken for the first day of Co-Op. 🙂

co-op day