What I Have Been Doing During Safer at Home…

I’ve been seeing all these posts about people getting their homes cleaned out during all this because of the extra time that they have. I do have an extra hour a day that I am not driving but I’m still working so I don’t have as much time as those who are stuck home not working. Just a side note. I am not complaining by any means. I am so thankful I still have work when so many people are being laid off and not working right now.

That said I have still found myself getting some side things done…

  1. I finished crocheting Angel’s blanket that I started before Christmas. I was making it for her birthday and was only behind by 1 week so I count that as a success.
  2. I’ve only put together one of my Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles since the Safer at Home started. I did the Princess and the Frog. Keep in mind that since January 2020 and before the Safer-At-Home order went into effect I had already done 12 of those puzzles. Don’t ask me why I have only done the one. I really don’t know.
  3. I started a new workout routine with an accountability buddy. We are one full week into this routine and lets just say I am sore, I hurt, I want to say things I shouldn’t and yet I still get up and do it all again the next day. I really do have a love hate relationship with working out. I love the results but hate doing it. And seriously to the little miss skinny minnie that I, for some reason, have allowed to torture me and continue to go back to…. I’m not that flexible.
  4. I’m reading more for fun. I’m always reading. I love to read but I’ve put “for fun” reading on the back burner because I was so busy. I picked up my 1st generation iPad (yes its that old), which is basically an over priced Kindle at this point since so few apps will work with it. I mean they aren’t updating it anymore. lol (side note: It was my dads and I got it after he passed just so I could read my kindle books on a bigger screen.) I downloaded some fun Christian historical fiction that I had on my cloud and did this instead of watching t.v.
  5. We’ve been playing more games and watching more movies together as a family. Sierra downloaded a game on steam that we can use our phones/tablets to play on. It’s called Drawful 2. It’s kind of like pictionary. It’s a lot of fun and we laugh a lot while playing it.
  6. We’ve been homeschooling of course. This is our youngest daughters final year in home education. She will be going to a private school in the fall. So been working on the application process for that. Gathering all the information. Preparing her where she feels comfortable with going and getting all our ducks in a row.
  7. I’ve been doing a lot of re-evaluating and praying. Thinking about plans for the future and new things I would like to do. Including my own school journey this fall to go for something I have always wanted to do and that is Graphic and Web Design.
  8. We’ve walked a lot and enjoyed our patio a bunch more. Sitting out in the evenings and walking during the day.
  9. I’ve done some coloring and putting Lego’s together. I enjoy doing that cause its creative and they are like puzzles. Hubby bought me the Lego set cause he wanted to bring a smile to my face.
  10. Most importantly we celebrated a birthday. Angel turned 15 a few weeks ago. But because they were already advising no groups of more than 10 that eliminated our plans for her. But we still had cake and ice cream and gifts.

So what have you been doing during all of this?

Week 6 in Review

Well after Day 10 of our Eco-system experiment we had a couple losses. Our two original fish have died but the 3 babies are still living and the snail is still living. We studied a bit more on Ancient China and We are reading about Persia.

In art Angel has been working on still lifes and she seems to really be good at it. We are working on Algebra more, and the week after Fall break we will be adding in some craft type of stuff. So we can both have the opportunity to be creative.

In my personal life I have returned to the gym. I’m sore but it’s all good. I have also picked up some more sales through my Paparazzi business and praying about my other job. I feel like I’m working hard and I’m wearing myself thin with not much to show.

But I keep plugging away. My hubby has been so helpful and supportive and God has given him favor with those he works with. We try to squeeze in as much family time as possible anymore. Which I love. I enjoy being with my kids and my hubby. I know some people can’t say that but God has blessed me so much in the area of family.

My creative side is burning to be set free and I’ve not had much opportunity to do it. But I’m going to make some time. I think Angel will enjoy it just as much as I will.

This week is fall break for us so no official “school” stuff will be going on but I’m looking forward to some creative fun time.

Have a great week.

Weeks 3 – 5 And Boy I’m Behind…

So I started blogging about our school weeks and got behind. I’m in a wedding this month and planning some other events both for church and our co-op so I got a little thrown off. Not to mention I still have to work and do school with my girl here at home.

We’ve kept pretty busy during weeks 3 through 5. Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as China. We’ve been working on a closed bottle Science experiment for Biology which has been thriving. When we left our co-op we had 2 fish and 1 snail. By that evening we had 6 fish and 1 snail. The following morning we could only find 5 fish and 1 snail. Apparently one of our fish was pregnant. However, My mini me did an awesome job picking out the perfect environment or her creatures. Each student got to pick their environments and thus the point of the experiment. We needed to be able to keep the creatures alive without having to feed them ourselves.

Mini Me chose the following ingredients to make a suitable home for her environment: Lake water, dirt, rock with algae, plants and set it in a place where it gets partial natural sunlight. I guess those ingredients were the perfect fit for her tiny fish and snail. She named the fish but as she chose Japanese names for each of them I can not tell you what they are.

We are working on Algebra 1 in math and it makes my brain hurt a bit. But we are pushing through. We’ve been walking and exercising daily so she gets her PE time in. We’ve also been reading quite a bit about early American history on the side.

I borrowed a book from the library about the Lost State of Franklin. It’s been interesting but because it is set up as a “text book” it can get a bit boring. So I read it as much as I can at night until I fall asleep. Of course the book was written in the 1920’s so it can be monotonous.

Like I mentioned early we have a wedding this month that we will be in so we’ve got lots going on, so, if I forget to post on Monday about week 6 you will know why.

Also I want to share with you a picture I took this past week. I was kind of proud.

Sky, Sun and Church

And on September 14th (2 days after our 21st wedding anniversary), Hubby and I renewed our vows. It was a surprise to me and the first time in the 22 years that we have been together that he was able to pull off a surprise.

Week 2 and Getting Away

We finished week 2 of this homeschool year. It is still hard adjusting to only one kid. She is amazing and awesome but she is not used to having me all to herself.

As we both have had to adjust to new schedules and needs we have had to trust God to show us the path to walk. It’s a new journey and a whole different schedule.

You may think… “you’ve been through this twice before, how hard and different could it be?” So I will be completely honest… It’s completely different. She has a whole different personality, she has different needs. She still needs me. And for me that is all that matters. You see God put this child in my care for me to train up. So her needs are a priority. Right when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and no longer needed is right when the revelation that this kid needs me now more than ever.

We all know that change is not easy. And we all deal with it in different ways. But we can get through it. Right now she and I are helping each other to adjust to life changes. Voids from no longer having her siblings present during the day. Where she is my number one focus. I thank God for this kid because she is helping me to prioritize where I need to be. Which is right here. Family is number one. Everything else has to wait.

On the educational side of things We talked about Egypt. Started Reading Tom Sawyer (among many other things). Began prepping for our Co-Op year to begin and took a quick little weekend getaway over Labor day to see family.

Hope you all are having a GREAT week.


Week 1 Down 35 more to go…

Last week was our first week back in our school routine. It’s Angel’s first year alone. It’s her first week of highschool and I’m not sure she is enjoying this “alone” time. I know she will adjust. Just as I will. But its taking us some time to get used to a lot of one on one time.

This week we started studying World History. Sumer, Ancient Egypt and the Fertile Crescent civilizations. We talked about the geography of North and South America and started reading some Poetry to warm us up for Literature and Composition. Since she is doing her math and science via co-op (as well as an art class), We had a couple weeks free of some math and science. We are also learning about the four square writing method and adding in some additional grammar exercises as well as Health and P.E.

So all in all a good first week of homeschool.

Later in the week I will let you in on the books I’ve been reading. And then next week you can catch up on our week 2.

Have a great day.


Two posts in one week. Wow. Crazy. I know. But I wanted to share some pictures I took of the Sunflower fields while we were at Ijams. They are blooming and there are 70 acres of them. So enjoy the pictures.

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2018/2019 Curriculum Choices and Plans

So this year I only had to plan our school year around two kids. For the past 13 school years I’ve had to work with 3 and now my oldest is starting her freshman year of college. It’s amazing to me how the time flies when you are busy living life.


I’m so excited for Sierra’s new adventure.

So this year I will be homeschooling 2 kids. So here is my kids and what we will be doing for this year. I am taking advantage of as much online stuff as possible this year.


Hope – Senior



Angel – 8th Grade


We will throw in some unit studies, work books/sheets and field trips but that is the overall plan for this school year.

We will start our official school year on August 27th. When will you start? What are you using for your curriculum choices this year?

Reviews, Sales, Holidays and More

Well I just can’t seem to get up to blogging every week like I used to. But oh well, such is how life works. We tend to go through seasons. And as we do, things change. Priorities change and some things aren’t as important any more.

I’m not saying you, my friends are not important, just that I have had some slightly more important things come up in my real life that has to be taken care of.

So here is an update: I’ve been “working” from home with a company to make a “real” paycheck, as blogging has not “paid” off for me as of yet.

My oldest daughter has been taking some ACT tests and both our oldest and middle daughters have picked up a lot more hours working for our church as child care workers.

We’ve been homeschooling and that of course will continue. We are joining a co-op and I will be teaching two classes for it. I’ve been working on the Magazine and new products that are in the works.  Speaking of products you should check out this post on my PKP blog about an amazing sale.

I’ve been spending much more time with my family and my hubby. Been cooking more and living in the moment. We did do senior pictures with Sierra. I’ll post a few of those soon.

Also for Aspiring to Be Magazine email subscribers there is a freebie for Advent that I created but you have to be an email subscriber to get it AND that offer will be expiring soon.

Next week I will be posting a book review for a really great book by Jen Turano. I think you all will enjoy that. So watch for that post.

I think I am caught up for the time being and I really can not make any promises that I will be on here on a regular basis as my time and energy has made a shift. But I will try to update when I am able.

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas and I will see you all soon. If you would like to keep up with me you can follow me on Instagram.


My Students 2017/2018

My last post that I wrote was about what we were using for school this year in our homeschool. If you would like to see this post click here. Today I want to introduce you to my amazingly adorable, beautiful and talented students aka my daughters.

Sierra: Senior, Class of 2018


It is so hard to believe this girl is starting her senior year. When we started homeschooling about 13 years ago you think in your mind that this day will never come and now all of a sudden, here it is. She is smart, talented and oh so fun. She has a heart for kids and missions. She loves to draw and has a beautiful voice as well. I am so proud of who God is molding her to be.


Hope: Junior, Class of 2019


Just 18 months seperates her and her big sis in age. They have grown so close to each other. They have become the best of friends and yet as much as they are alike they ever so  much different. They both are great artisits and yet they each have their own unique style. She also loves kids but she is not as apt to jumping on the missions “train” as quickly as her sister. She has an amazing voice and singing is her strongest talent. She could sing on key since she was 2 years old. That’s pretty good for a little one. I’m just as proud as her as I am her big sister.


Angel: 7th Grade, Class of 2023


The youngest of my clan and the mini me in so many ways and yet she has her father’s sense of humor. She is unique and loving. She is my shadow and forever wants to be my baby. She does not like the thoughts of growing up. She is also a talented artist and her big sisters have taken her under their wings to help her to become better. She can sing but doesn’t like to be in front of an audience. However, she is my little YouTuber. She loves making YouTube video’s. And she enjoys gaming and wants to work for Animal Jam when she grows up.

My Students20172018

So there you have it. My students for this school year. Amazing how quickly they grow and change. Even more amazing is how quickly time has flown by. But I’ve been loving every single minute of it.

2017/2018 Curriculum Choices

This year we are utilizing more online choices for our homeschool. All of which are free.

My oldest, Sierra, is in her Senior year. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. When you start homeschooling you know that one day your children will eventually graduate. But it seems so far into the future. However, now here we are in our final year of homeschooling one kid and the second is only a year behind. Thankfully I still have our youngest who will keep me company for at least four more years after her older sisters graduate and move on to college, work or whatever the Lord has for them. I will have another post in the next couple weeks introducing you to our students and a little information about each one.

2017/2018 Curriculum Choices - DiannaAuton.Wordpress.com

Anyway, It’s that time of year where I get to share our curriculum choices for this school year. This is our basic choices and most likely other things will be added.

Sierra – 12th Grade


Hope – 11th Grade


Angel – 7th Grade


Read Alouds: (This is for everyone)

We are planning on throwing in some unit studies and a few other things as well through out the year. I will post about what we have been doing through out each month as I post the Homeschool Mother’s Journal post every month.

*Links are not affiliate links and are there  for you to see what we are using.