A Little Bit of a Re-fashion

Since I’m not working outside of the home anymore I’ve had a little bit of time to work on some projects that I have had to put on hold for a while. Last week I pulled out and dusted off the old sewing machine. It’s an old sewing machine but still works. It’s the very same one my mom had when I was growing up and made many outfits, curtains and so much more on. I even learned to sew on this machine as well as paid for sewing lessons and this sweet little ladies house. She had a whole trailer set up for just her sewing. That is when I fell in love with the serger. I loved how professional it made the finished edges look. Of course back then I couldn’t sew a straight line for nothing. I’m certainly much better now but a little out of practice since it had been so long. 001

Anyway, back to my story…. I pulled out the sewing machine, dusted it off and oiled it up and ran through some practice pieces. Then I put together this project I wanted to do. I had been given some clothes from a friend and co-worker and saw this dress. I loved the pattern on it and the shape. However, it has just been hanging in my closet. Why? Because it’s a halter. I just don’t like how the halter part fit on me. So I decided I would make it into a skirt for our upcoming Christmas in November luncheon. It took all of an hour to get it done and now I have an adorable skirt.


Another friend suggested a cute little red sweater and some red heels to make it really cute, classic and ready for the holidays. So I guess I’m off to find a cute sweater and some red heels. Oh well a good excuse to get a couple new things and I’ll be ready for some holiday parties. Who wants to go shopping?

Project 52 Week 1

I told you last week I was going to try to do the Project 52 again this year. I really am going to try to stick with it in order to complete an entire 52 weeks of pictures. Some weeks it might only be one photo and another week it may be more than that. This week is a DIY project I have been wanting to try and tweaked to make it my own.

I made a book page wreath as inspired by many different wreaths on Pinterest.

Book Page Wreath Part 1

Here after I rolled the book pages and stapled the ends that would not be shown together I laid it out to see how big it was going to be.

Book Page Wreath Part 2

This is what it looked like after I hot glued the pages to the foam board I had cut. I hadn’t made the centerpiece yet.

Book Page Wreath Part 3

This after I put the centerpiece in but since have added more to the center to fill it in more. I will update with a final picture later.

It was simple and pretty fun to make and my next DIY project is a monogram with old book page maps. I may add some sparkle to it.  We shall see.

This week we are getting back into a normal routine again so I may not get to work on the next DIY project until the end of the week. I’m trying to do one artsy, crafty, DIY project or something that allows me to use my creative abilities every week.  Arts and Crafts help me relax.

3 Crafts/DIY on Pinterest

Here are a few crafts that is currently on my Pinterest boards. I love this site it is so addicting.


Do you have any craft ideas you would like to share?

Custom Made Study Corral’s

I saw these study corral’s on oriental trading last year and thought it was such a good idea for my girls. However, I didn’t want to spend the money on them when I had the supplies to make them on my own.  So without further ado I have created my own and here is the tutorial. Sorry I don’t have step by step pics. I got to caught up in the creation process and forgot to stop and take pics along the way but I did grab a few.

Here are the supplies that I used:

  • 2 Tri-fold project boards (I have 3 kids and needed 2 to make one for each of them.)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Glue or adhesive of some kind
  • Box knife
  • clear contact paper
  • packing tape

I started with 1 tri-fold project board.


I then cut it in half. It’s too tall to use on its own.


Now its in a more manageable size. I grabbed my scrapbook papers and supplies and started laying out my interior design. You could leave the board blank or you can decorate it however you want to customize it for your child. My girls love having individualized things so I let them choose a theme and put it all together.


I had to do some piecing together of different scrapbook papers. And then customized the papers with stickers and their names.  I used the flat edges for the bottom on all the boards so that they would stand properly.

Once I had the papers glued down and stickers where I wanted them. I covered each one with clear contact paper so that it would protect the boards AND so they could use dry erase markers on them for notes or whatever. They can also use post its to leave on their board for things they want to remember while studying. Because contact paper will not stay on cardboard I used packing tap on the backs of the board to hold the contact paper in place.


And now we have our own custom study corral’s.





These can be folded up and put away in just a few seconds for easy storage.

Repurposing a shelf for Jewelry

Most women like jewelry. You can correct me if you don’t but most of us do. Am I right? Well how many of you have filled your jewelry boxes but just either don’t have the money for a floor standing jewelry box or don’t have the room? Well I have fallen into both of those categories at some point. When you have kids all your money seems to fly out the door for them. Not that I am complaining because I LOVE to spend money on my kids.


A year ago I completely ran out of space in my jewelry box. I was getting frustrated at my necklaces getting tangled all the time. So I started looking around the house to see if there was anything I could use to either repurpose or make a new jewelry holder. I came up with this:


365-034 WM

I found this small wooden shelf that was not being used. And I took some hooks that you can find in any hardware section of your department store.  My husband helped by drilling five holes into the bottom of the shelf. I had him drill them in a pyramid shape to keep the necklaces from getting too close and getting tangled with each other.IMG_7775 I screwed the hooks into the bottom and hung the shelf up and I had a new jewelry organizer.  The decorative boxes on top were given to me and I use them for earrings and bracelets.



I spent $0 on this item. I had everything already. I spent about 15 minutes actually putting it together. It’s not a difficult project and yet it works wonderfully.