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A Little Bit of a Re-fashion

Since I’m not working outside of the home anymore I’ve had a little bit of time to work on some projects that I have had to put on hold for a while. Last week I pulled out and dusted off the old sewing machine. It’s an old sewing machine but still works. It’s the very … Continue reading A Little Bit of a Re-fashion

Project 52 Week 1

I told you last week I was going to try to do the Project 52 again this year. I really am going to try to stick with it in order to complete an entire 52 weeks of pictures. Some weeks it might only be one photo and another week it may be more than that. … Continue reading Project 52 Week 1

3 Crafts/DIY on Pinterest

Here are a few crafts that is currently on my Pinterest boards. I love this site it is so addicting. Source: via Dianna on Pinterest Source: via Dianna on Pinterest Source: via Dianna on Pinterest   Do you have any craft ideas you would like to share?

Custom Made Study Corral’s

I saw these study corral’s on oriental trading last year and thought it was such a good idea for my girls. However, I didn’t want to spend the money on them when I had the supplies to make them on my own.  So without further ado I have created my own and here is the … Continue reading Custom Made Study Corral’s

Repurposing a shelf for Jewelry

Most women like jewelry. You can correct me if you don’t but most of us do. Am I right? Well how many of you have filled your jewelry boxes but just either don’t have the money for a floor standing jewelry box or don’t have the room? Well I have fallen into both of those … Continue reading Repurposing a shelf for Jewelry