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Welcome! I’m Dianna. Wife, mom, teacher, avid reader and writer.

I hope that your time here is fruitful and that you are encouraged by the things I post. I want to introduce you to my family and I hope you come back often.

I’m a work-from-home/homeschooling mom to 3 girls. I’m married to my best friend and biggest fan, Andy. We live in the beautiful East Tennessee area and have moved many times over the years. I can’t say that I will be in this place for the rest of my life but it’s so beautiful that I hope to be here for a while.

My family and I are very much involved at our church. Ministry is in our blood. We are also a very artistic and geeky family. We love music, art, Star Wars and all kinds of fun geeky things. My own personal passion is reading (as you can see from the amount of book reviews) and history (The Mystery of History is AWESOME). But beyond all that we are a very close family.

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I own Priceless Knowledge Printables (aka P.K. Printables). An affordable homeschool helps store on CurrClick. I edit a magazine, Aspiring to Be Magazine. I’m a Thirty-One Independent Consultant.

Feel free to connect with me on my social media, I love making new friends.  Or, you can leave comments on my posts. I try to respond to every comment that is left.