Another Year and Another Graduate

So another school year has gone by and we are technically half way through our summer. It’s hard to believe. My second daughter has graduated high school and now I only have one left to educate. Phew!!! It’s exciting and yet seems hard to believe that I have two college kids.

Hope will continue her education in the fall heading to college and working on a degree in Media Technology for Photography. She will be attending the same college as her older sister so again both will remain home while spreading their wings a bit more.

My youngest will begin her high school years this fall and it seems so hard to believe that in only 4 short years we will be attending her high school graduation. I’m just so glad its not back to back like my older two. We are continuing to attend our co-op this fall where I have somehow been wrangled in to teaching middle school Life Science. 😉 Not quite sure how that happened but I’m kind of excited about it.

I’m trying to enjoy every single day that goes by with my family because I am not sure when one of my girls will end up married with their own families. As I have two that are old enough to begin a serious relationship. So you never know when they decide to bring home a young man. But they better be a good God fearing young man or else mama will be doing a lot of praying. Not that I already haven’t been praying for their future husbands.

Okay so lets change the subject now. I think I will be stopping here and I will update again when I am able.