Focus & Word of the Year

It’s amazing to me how God can get your attention just by the little things that go on in life. For me it is just little drops of things that will get into my mind and not go away.

This year I really felt like I needed to go back to a Word that I had a few years ago, Love. For my word of the year. Mainly because I felt like there is still so much more to learning to really love people than just what I got out of it. Love goes so much deeper than an emotion or feeling. Love is an action that you choose to do on a daily basis. So for 2019 I decided I really needed to focus on that again.

Of course for the whole of 2019 I have felt that I really needed to just get things into focus over all. Business wise, school, family, ministry, etc. I’m just trying to really hear the voice of God well so I can be a success. It’s about learning to say no to things so that I can do the things that he has called me to do well. It’s about seriously seeking the Lord to find out what he wants from me and what I can do for Him.

My word of the year is Love but my priority is to Focus. Focus on the important and letting go of what isn’t. Focus on relationships and letting go of things. Focus on my family and letting go of the distractions. I can not do the one thing God has called me to do (be a wife and mom) well if I do not focus on that.

Even though I am a mom, my kids are of the ages that they are taking care of themselves a bit more and I can focus on ministry and others areas. I’ve bee able to focus more on singing, writing and organizing.

He has also allowed me to start a business that I enjoy and I can set time to focus on that as well. But He is my first priority, my family comes next and then everything else. He has helped me to focus on the right balance and do the right things. I’m not perfect and don’t have it down yet. In all honesty I probably never really will but… I’m a work in progress and I see myself stressing less.

Blessings dear friends….