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Reviews, Sales, Holidays and More

Well I just can’t seem to get up to blogging every week like I used to. But oh well, such is how life works. We tend to go through seasons. And as we do, things change. Priorities change and some things aren’t as important any more.

I’m not saying you, my friends are not important, just that I have had some slightly more important things come up in my real life that has to be taken care of.

So here is an update: I’ve been “working” from home with a company to make a “real” paycheck, as blogging has not “paid” off for me as of yet.

My oldest daughter has been taking some ACT tests and both our oldest and middle daughters have picked up a lot more hours working for our church as child care workers.

We’ve been homeschooling and that of course will continue. We are joining a co-op and I will be teaching two classes for it. I’ve been working on the Magazine and new products that are in the works.  Speaking of products you should check out this post on my PKP blog about an amazing sale.

I’ve been spending much more time with my family and my hubby. Been cooking more and living in the moment. We did do senior pictures with Sierra. I’ll post a few of those soon.

Also for Aspiring to Be Magazine email subscribers there is a freebie for Advent that I created but you have to be an email subscriber to get it AND that offer will be expiring soon.

Next week I will be posting a book review for a really great book by Jen Turano. I think you all will enjoy that. So watch for that post.

I think I am caught up for the time being and I really can not make any promises that I will be on here on a regular basis as my time and energy has made a shift. But I will try to update when I am able.

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas and I will see you all soon. If you would like to keep up with me you can follow me on Instagram.