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5 Sites I Use for Homeschool Planning & Prep

I know its summer break and our public and private school counterparts are starting summer preparations. But for the homeshool mom we start planning for fall. I am in the home stretch with my oldest two daughters. They will be a senior and junior this fall. It is really crazy since I feel like I have blinked and all of a sudden the end of their homeschool career is here. It can be frightening in a way. But I will say its been a fun adventure that I am very grateful for.

Maybe you are new to the homeschool world and you don’t know where to begin? Or you have been homeschooling for a while but you like to find new ways or places to go to help with preparing your fall homeschool year.

5 Sites For Homeschool Prep


I’m going to share with you the 5 places I use to prep for my homeschool year.

  1. Pinterest – Yep, I go here because there are so many new and & veteran homeschool mom’s sharing links to homeschool scheduling, planners, and tips and tricks that work for them. It’s a great place to start and if you haven’t gone here yet to research homeschooling and what is out there I highly recommend that you do. You can also find free curriculum, printables and more. Why re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to.
  2. Khan Academy – This is a great place to see what free courses you can outsource. For high school aged kids you can find some great extracurricular courses as well. We have used it quite a bit over the years. They offer everything from Math, Science, History courses to Economics, Test Prep, and Computing. As a parent you can set up different accounts for each student and be able to track their progress. So there are some definitel benefits to using this site.
  3. CurrClick – This is a great place to search for publishers that create homeschool curriculum and online classes. Most of the publishers on this site are other homeschool parents who understand the needs of homeschool families. You can search by grade, subject or even publisher. It is a great resource and the prices are affordable. (I am a publisher on this site myself. You can check out my products here.) They are currently having a Summer Sale through the 12th.
  4. Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op – I go here first to compare prices before I purchase anything. This site has co-op prices without having to pay to be part of a co-op. You get the benefits of getting great prices. I will say that they do not always have the same products all the time. But you can always check and see what is available. I’m all about saving money where I can. They have carried products from companies like Bright Ideas Press, Veritas, IEW and more.  Benefits of joining the the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op: Group buys with out having to pay to be part of a group, resources, free trial to Homeschool Planet, Free Homeschool ID cards, Deals of the Week, and Smart Points.
  5. Applecore – If you have never heard of Applecore you really need to check it out. Here is where I input all of my curriculum once I have finished planning as well as attendance and grades throughout the year.  My homeschool covering gives this to me as part of our plan but you can get the Applecore subscription by itself there are 3 different plan prices starting with a Free basic plan.



Do you have a go to site that you visit to help with your planning? Please share in the comments.


*Links posted above are not affiliate links (other than my own product link) and are here for your convenience. I am an affiliate with Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op however, the link above is not an affiliate link. 

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