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May re-cap and What is Happening in June

It’s time for another Homeschool Mother’s Journal

May re-Cap & June Happenings

In my life this month…

For the month of May we finished up our homeschool and then immediately headed out the door for a vacation. Which was much needed, I might add. Sierra (17 year old) and I had major hair style changes and chopped all our hair off. Both of us for entirely different reasons but both VERY good ones.

Here are the before pics:

And the after pics:

We spent some time back in our old home town area of Northern Kentucky and visited Big Bone Lick State Park where we saw some Baby Bison and then drove down to the little dot on the map of Rabbit Hash. Of course while there we headed into the General Store and grabbed a drink and then I told the girls how my dad used to drive to Rabbit Hash and take the ferry over to Rising Sun, Indiana and drive up to Aurora, Indiana to pick up my mom for dates before I-275 was finished. They got a kick out of that.

Photo Credit: Andrew Auton

You can view more pics of that trip here.

On Memorial Day we drove over to Independence and watched the Memorial Day Parade.

This month we will be home. We have a conference at our church starting tonight and then VBS will be running soon. Along with some other fun family stuff coming up. Like weddings, birthday parties and of course the never ending planning for fall’s school session.


In our homeschool this month…

So we are officially on summer break which means in our homeschool my oldest is studying for her ACT’s which will be in June. My middle is studying for her Driver’s Test so she can get her permit and then my youngest is just planning on making more artwork and Youtube video’s.



On my blog in case, you missed it…

So what are you your plans for the month of June? Did you do anything fun in May? Share your answers in the comments. I enjoy reading them.


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