Learning to Say No and Let Go

For the past couple months I have felt a change was about to come into my life. And to some extent we have already had some changes take place. But particularly the Lord has placed it on my heart to write again, to blog again, to pick up some things that I thought I had let go and to let go of some things that I have gotten too comfortable with. Learning to Say No & Let Go.png

As my kids have gotten older and I’m only a year and a half from my oldest child graduating and going off into the world to live her own life, I’ve begun to think about what is going to be my next stage, or my next step.

While thinking about that, the Lord has really been dealing with me about learning how to say no and even more so about learning how to let go. I’ve read the books and know what I’m supposed to do, but actually doing it can be somewhat difficult.

There are areas that I have to let go in order to grasp a hold of what God has lying in front of me. If I don’t then I can’t give my best to what He has. I have such a hard time letting go of some things because I like knowing what is expected of me. I like being needed and wanted. I like being indispensable. But, I also crave change.

Crazy as it sounds, I know I need change. Many times I usually do that in getting my home in order. But more and more lately I know that change is not always going to be something I will be in control of. I have to allow myself to step out of my comfort zone in order to allow God to move in me.

I want to grow and mature. I want to see myself succeed. I want to see the things He has put in my hands become what He created it to be. Maybe it won’t be easy. Who am I kidding, I know it won’t be easy. Maybe, I will have to say goodbye. Maybe, I will have to say hello. Maybe, I will open my mouth. Maybe, I will have to shut it. Maybe, I will have to adapt. Of course I will have to adapt. But, just maybe, I will love whatever it is He has in mind for me.

I’m ready to let go of the struggle and just be at ease in Him. I’m ready to stop trying to control my life and let Him control it for me. I guess, I’m ready to be ALL IN.

What about you? Are you like me? Do you need to let things go in order to grab a hold of God’s calling for you?

If you are trying to learn to say no and let go here are 3 simple steps that just might help you.

  1. Pray. This is the most important step. Pray and ask God if you need to say no and/or let go of some things.
  2. Journal. For me this is an absolute must. If I write out the things that I do in life and think about how I feel when I write them out then, usually, I know what things I need to say no to more often or let go of completely.
  3. Rest. Once the decisions have been made, rest in the knowledge that you have been obedient to what it was that God has told you to do and, DO NOT allow people to make you feel guilty about those decisions. We are to please God, not man. (Galatians 1:10; Acts 5:29; 2 Corinthians 5:9)

I pray blessings on you today.