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For Love & Honor by Jody Hedlund review

Sometimes it’s really hard to find books for teen girls that are clean and yet still has a good story. There aren’t as many authors out there that write good clean teen and young adult historical fiction. So when you find an author that does that you gravitate towards their books.

I have stumbled across Jody Hedlund in the past and have always seem to enjoy the stories that she writes and For Love & Honor is no different. It’s a great story with Lords, Ladies, knights, castles and adventures.

This particular story follows the adventure of Sir Bennet and Lady Sabine. If you have read An Uncertain Choice or A Daring Sacrifice you will be familiar with the character of Sir Bennett. His previous adventures with Sir Derrick and Sir Colin already develops him as a man of honor and bravery.

This particular story continues to develop this character as a man who is willing to do the right thing even if it means giving his life for it. Sir Bennet returns home to help his family out of a mess thinking that the girl that is visiting the castle knows about the arrangement of marriage that has been made between their two families.

Lady Sabine finally gets to visit the Windsor families estate under the guise that she is there to procure art and antiques for her collection. Little does she know that her heart is going to find love in the unexpected suitor of Sir Bennet.

Lady Sabine and Sir Bennet both have secrets to share but they have to learn to trust the other in order to share them. However, I believe neither expected love to come from the situation. Jody does such a good job of putting you into the scene of this medieval time period that the whole story comes to life in your minds eye.

This is a very quick read and you will greatly enjoy the story so much you won’t want to put it down. I mean who doesn’t love the whole premise of the dashing knight charging to the lady in distresses help? Seriously I love it. 9780310749301.jpg

Here is a little more about the book:

Lady Sabine is harboring a skin blemish, one, that if revealed, could cause her to be branded as a witch, put her life in danger, and damage her chances of making a good marriage. After all, what nobleman would want to marry a woman so flawed?

Sir Bennet is returning home to protect his family from an imminent attack by neighboring lords who seek repayment of debts. Without fortune or means to pay those debts, Sir Bennet realizes his only option is to make a marriage match with a wealthy noblewoman. As a man of honor, he loathes the idea of courting a woman for her money, but with time running out for his family’s safety, what other choice does he have?

As Lady Sabine and Sir Bennet are thrust together under dangerous circumstances, will they both be able to learn to trust each other enough to share their deepest secrets? Or will those secrets ultimately lead to their demise?

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