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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal March 2017


So to try and keep myself writing I decided it would be good to join in on the Homeschool Mother’s Journal. I like that since iHomeschool Network took it over it’s now a monthly thing rather than weekly. It will keep me writing and give me something to guide me. So here we go.

In my life this month…homeschool-mothers-journal

It was a crazy month for February. Personally we went north because my father-in-law passed away on January 29th. We didn’t return home until February 5th. So when we got home we had to play catch up on school and work and stuff. Plus our oldest daughter had to finish out Driver’s Ed. Which she did. AND Hubby and I made it back to the gym so we can start training. I will be running my first 5K this coming October. So between church, school and work we have had a very busy and exhausting month. But its getting better.

In our homeschool this month…

We did a whole lot of catching up. And we really discovered how much we love our History curriculum and how much my oldest daughter doesn’t enjoy reading Frankenstein. Which has been an interesting read anyway. I’ve never seen the movie so we decided to read it together. The kids are doing well despite playing catch up. We are on track so far with the majority of schooling. We still have a few minor things to work on but I’m putting together a plan for that.


My favorite thing this week month…

My new favorite thing is our Roku. It’s got so many apps that can be downloaded for free and some of my favorite stations on it. I can now watch the BVOVN network on my TV. It’s pretty cool.

What’s working/not working for us…

Staying on the plan is not working. Only because this year has been a crazy year and we are just in March. Talk about busy and changes. It seems that I can not plan too far ahead without having to redo my whole schedule so I’m only planning a month at a time and it seems to work well right now.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


This girl turned 17 in January. She got her learner’s permit the end of February and just completely finished Driver’s Ed yesterday. I am so proud of her. She is also going to Guatemala this summer to work with Living Waters Ministry along with other members of our church’s youth group. So we are working on raising money for this trip. If you would like to donate towards her trip email me at: dmauton AT gmail DOT com and I will respond back with how you can do that.

On my blog in case you missed it…


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  1. Sounds like a busy but wonderful month! I hope planning a month at a time goes well for you! Happy birthday to your daughter and congrats on getting her permit! After teaching 3 teen boys to drive, I kind of wished we could have done Driver’s Ed!


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