My Year in Books


I try to always participate in the reading challenges over on Goodreads. I always tend to go over my reading goal which is actually pretty good but I only place realistic goals on myself because as we all know, life happens. For 2016 my goal was to read 24 books. As you can see I beat that by 30 books. Next year my goal is going to be 36 books. Why only 36 since I obviously tend to read more books than that in a year? Well, as my kids get older and more involved in stuff and as we have other things that could keep me from reaching a much higher goal, I am trying to be much more reasonable in case I am kept from completing the goal at hand. I like giving myself room for light reading months in case things happen that prevent me from finishing. And, if I overwhelming beat my goal at the end of the year then great. If not, then no big deal. Do you set a reading goal for yourself every year?

Click on the image or link above and you will be able to see all my year in books statistics, as well as the covers of the books I read this past year. From there you can also connect with me on Goodreads.


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