Updating and Checking In

I can’t believe its been at least two weeks since I last posted anything. I guess its just proof of where my life has gone. I find myself more on social media than on the blog lately.  Plus doing school and many other things. The past two weeks we have been going back and forth taking Sierra to Driver’s Ed classes as well as trying to fit in some family time and time with friends. Plus Sierra and I have had horrible allergy issues, including a lingering cough that we are both working on getting rid of. Neither one of us is coughing nearly as much as we were but I know she will be just as happy as I when this thing is completely gone. I’m so looking forward to fall weather.


This past Monday my hubby and I celebrated 18 years of marriage. I am so looking forward to many more years to come. My life would certainly be boring without him. He keeps me young. We actually started celebrating early as he took some time off work last Friday and we had a nice lunch together, just the two of us and then walked around and talked. Last night he still surprised me and brought me a home a single red rose and a bag with Ghirardelli chocolate and a beautiful card. He knows me well. I had taken a “sick” day on Monday just to give myself an opportunity to rest since I hadn’t slept well due to coughing. 20160913_152958

The kids are happy that I am trying hard to rest my voice as much as possible as my throat tends to hurt when I talk to much. So I’m trying my hardest just to rest it and do some reading and writing over the last couple days.

I’m currently working on finishing putting together the fall issue of Aspiring to Be Magazine.  I’m excited about it as we have a couple new writers to introduce you too. Plus I have started a work from home job today. Training this morning for it on the computer, which I’m both nervous and excited about. OH and before I forget Currclick will soon be having another sale starting on Monday, Sept. 19th and my products will be 80% off so you will definitely want to keep that date in mind so you can grab my flash cards at a huge discount.

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