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My Crew and Our First Week of Homeschool

We are starting our second week back in school and our first week went very well. The girls actually got ahead on their school work which is really okay with me. We learned a little about The Renaissance including the areas of Spain and Italy. We listened to Johann Sebastian Bach and studied about the Classical Art styles of the early Greek and Roman artists.

The girls are progressing in their math classes and science. And I am proud to say that they are actually enjoying much of their schooling so far. This week we will be adding a little more into their weekly mix but not much. We are just about up to full load.

I wanted to share our first day of school photos with you.

Sierra is my Junior and she is excited about school this year mainly because she is taking Driver’s Ed and she is very anxious to get a job.


Then we have Princess, my sophomore. Her favorite classes so far are History and Sign Language. She is not loving Algebra but that’s okay. Not everyone does.


And of course last, but certainly not least, is my 6th Grader: Boo. She is not thrilled with doing any school but it’s okay because she still does fairly well.


And there you have it my homeschool crew and our first week of school.

How is your school year going?  Have you started yet?


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