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To Love a Stranger by Colleen Coble

To Love a Stranger

Bessie Randall had no intention of moving to Wyoming. But could the life she would never choose be better than the one she had planned?_225_350_Book.1950.cover

Bessie is shocked when she finds out that her sister Lenore has used her name to correspond with a soldier she’s never met—and that she’s actually married the man by proxy with Bessie’s name. And if Bessie contests it, her sister could go to jail for forgery. Bessie has always felt responsible for her younger sister, and she believes she has no choice but to do the honorable thing and travel west to meet up with Jasper Mendenhall.

With his sister Jessica’s reprimand about marrying sight-unseen still ringing in his ears, Jasper is shocked when he meets the stagecoach. The little wren who meets him is not the beauty whose picture he holds in his hand. Jasper plans to annul the marriage and send Bessie back to Boston. She’s a city girl and he’s not sure she could even survive—much less be happy—at Fort Bowie.

But Jasper’s orders to return to Fort Bowie are moved up, and he has no choice but to take Bessie with him. To his surprise, he finds much to like in the quiet young woman: things like humor and grit. But even those qualities may not be enough as the Apaches move in, determined to eradicate the fort in their midst. Can God mend their hearts together in spite of the circumstances?


If you want a fun quick read this is a great book for you. It’s a great story about the challenges of a soldier and his new wife settling and living out a life at Fort Bowie. The characters seem typical of the time period. A man searching for a bride writes to a mail-order-bride service and marries a woman by proxy only to discover she isn’t exactly who he thought she was.

They have to overcome quite a few challenges early on despite being together under false pretenses. You wonder if they will make it and Bessie must deal with her own shortcomings and fear of never measuring up to everyone else’s or even her own standards.

It’s a great story and I literally read it in a day. This is definitely a great book to pick up if you’re looking for a  quick read and a good story. The characters are well written and the story unfolds well. It’s not long and drawn out but yet full of entertaining value as well as some humor.

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