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Unashamed by Christine Caine

Unashamed by Christine Caine

Shame can take on many forms. It hides in the shadows of the most successful, confident and high-achieving woman who struggles with balancing her work and children, as well as in the heart of the broken, abused and downtrodden woman who has been told that she will never amount to anything. Shame hides in plain sight and can hold us back in ways we do not realize. But Christine Caine wants readers to know _225_350_Book.1940.coversomething: we can all be free.

“I know. I’ve been there,” writes Christine. “I was schooled in shame. It has been my constant companion from my very earliest memories. I see shame everywhere I look in the world, including in the church. It creeps from heart to heart, growing in shadowy places, feeding on itself so that those struggling with it are too shamed to seek help from shame itself.”

In Unashamed, Christine reveals the often-hidden consequences of shame—in her own life and the lives of so many Christian women—and invites you to join her in moving from a shame-filled to a shame-free life.

In her passionate and candid style, Christine leads you into God’s Word where you will see for yourself how to believe that God is bigger than your mistakes, your inadequacies, your past, and your limitations. He is not only more powerful than anything you’ve done but also stronger than anything ever done to you. You can deal with your yesterday today, so that you can move on to what God has in store for you tomorrow—a powerful purpose and destiny he wants you to fulfill.

Join the journey. Lay ahold of the power of Jesus Christ today and step into the future—his future for you—a beautiful, full, life-giving future, where you can even become a shame-lifter to others. Live unashamed!

My Review:

This was such a great book for me. It brings to light a lot of issues that people who have dealt with shame have to contend with on a daily basis. It’s not an easy situation to learn to live unashamed when so much of your life has been locked in shame. As a person who has never really dealt with shame personally it helps me to understand those who have had to come out of some things such as: abuse, rape, human slavery and even those just having messed up.

No, I am not perfect but I have never had to deal with shame at the level that Christine and many of the other people that she has used in her book, have. But I think it is important for us to try to understand what they deal with and how to help them deal with the shame in their lives.

This book is a great tool for Christian women to read and help us understand the shame issue whether its a huge issue for you or just a small one. She has brought to light a great way to get through the shame so women can live life Unashamed.

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