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We’ve finished…

Yep. Last Friday we completed our 180 days of school. I really can’t believe it’s over and that we are officially on summer break. My kids did well, of course there are areas that need improvement. But, isn’t there always.  Even when school has ended and we move into the adult world there is always things we can improve on. So life goes on.

The day after we finished school we sent our eldest daughter, Sierra, off with the youth group on a domestic missions trip. She is still out there volunteering this week and boy do I miss that girl. She is my child that enjoys conversation with me. The other two tend to find solace alone unless they get hungry or need something that they can’t find. But she likes to sit in the living room and tell me about her ideas and new art she is working on. I’m counting the days til she gets back.

She is having an awesome experience. She has texted us daily and we have Skyped the last couple of days. They’ve been going from the time they wake until they go to bed at night. But it’s not all work. They’ve been able to sneak some fun in there too. I can’t wait to hear all about it when she returns. In the meantime what does a mom do? Clean her child’s room.

Did I mention that she is an artist? And if you have ever lived with a creative you know that their sense of organization is much different than normal people. Of course, my entire family is the creative type. It can be difficult to be organized sometimes because of that. But I got her room cleaned up and organized to a degree. I’m sure she will move things around when she gets home but I expect that.

The other two are enjoying a break this week and today I’m taking one as well before I start cleaning out the rest of the house.

I hope you are enjoying some down time now that summer is here. We need that. Have a blessed rest of your week.lightstock_summer_tea_mason_jars