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Angels Everywhere

Welcome back. We only have two themes left to feature and if you missed our previous ZonderKidz VBSthemes you can check them out:

Under the Sea Theme

World Builders Theme

When I Grow Up Theme

So for today our new theme is:

Angels Everywhere:

Children are very fascinated with Angels! They’re guardians and messengers and all around interesting. Explore Angels in the Bible with this fun theme!

Here are some books and Bible resources for the Angels Everywhere Theme:9780310744238.jpg

Here are some Angel Bible stories that tie into this theme:

  •  Creation- God created the Angels
  •  Abraham and Sarah visited by three angels
  •  The 3 Youths in the Fiery Furnace
  •  Jacob’s Ladder
  •  The Angels Guide Isaiah Through Heaven
  •  The Angel Appears to Mary
  •  The Angel Appears at the Tomb of Jesus

Here are some Angels craft and décor ideas that can be purchased:

Here are some fun activities for the Angels Everywhere Theme to do with items on hand:

  • Make simple Angel wings using paper plates, with instructions from Maker Mama
  •  Be angels in your community by helping people in need with a food or clothing drive or a
  • charitable work activity
  •  Host an Angel Hair Spaghetti lunch and invite the senior citizens of the church to be served by and dine with the children
  •  Make keepsake Coffee Filter Photo Angels with this fun craft from DLTK
  •  Make a simple Angel paperclip ornament or necklace with this easy craft from The Crafty Journal
  •  Borrow Angel Christmas cookie cutters from people in your church and have children cut out and bake all different kinds of angel cookies from rolled out dough
  •  Form a VBS kick ball league and name your teams after the different orders of Angels.
  •  Form groups to build giant angel art figures using recyclables and make Angel paintings for an Angel Art Gallery
  •  Have an Angel Food Cake Eating Contest– – kids eat slices of Angel Food Cake, piled high with whipped cream, using only their mouths.
  •  Sing Angel themed Christmas songs in the Summertime


What awesome ideas for creating Angel themed crafts. I really hope you’ve been enjoying the VBS Theme product ideas and resources. We have one last theme to share with you so please remember to come back tomorrow and check out the sneak peak of tomorrow’s theme below.