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School is Almost Out and VBS Season is coming!

School is almost out and Vacation Bible School season is coming!

It’s May, and you’ve just been tapped to create an awesome, fun, educational and uplifting Vacation Bible School program for the children in your church this Summer. You’ve got plenty of volunteers waiting on you to direct them with your fantastic plan. You’ve got a full list of excited kiddos all signed up and ready for the fun you’re planning. And you have no theme ideas yet! What do you do??? The folks at Zonderkidz (with additional resources from other great retailers and bloggers) have some fun and affordable theme ideas for your Vacation Bible School program. Check them out!ZonderKidz VBS

All of their theme ideas feature some great book and Bible resources from Zonderkidz, Bible stories to feature in your lesson plans for the program, decorating and craft ideas to go along with each theme, and fun activity ideas that you can do with your group. While there are lots of great curriculum kits and VBS programs available in stores and online, these ideas are for those who have a small budget or want to create a program from scratch to fit the needs of their group.

Each day this week we will be showing you 1 of 5 really cool themes that ZonderKidz has put together as well as resources that goes along with it.

So lets get started. Today’s theme is:

Under the Sea 

under the seaThis summer, Finding Dori, the much anticipated sequel to the beloved Disney movie Finding Nemo will release. Kids everywhere will be excited for everything under-the- sea related– – which also makes fun theme for Vacation Bible School!

Here are some books and Bible resources for this theme:

Here are some Bible Stories that tie into an Under the Sea Theme:

  •  The Creation
  •  Noah’s Ark
  •  Jonah in the belly of the big fish
  •  The Loaves and Fishes
  •  Jesus walks on the water
  •  Jesus says “I Will Make You Fishers of Men”

Here are some Under the Sea themed craft kits and décor resources that can be purchased:

Here are some fun Under the Sea activities to do using items on hand:

  • Make Cupcake Liner Fish from 4 Crazy Kings Blog
  •  Paint Seashells for necklaces, paper weights and photo frames
  •  Make these adorable Scuba Diver costumes for kids or staff using recyclables, from
  •  Make Under the Sea stamps by cutting fish shapes from clean sponges and dipping in paints
  •  Create some outdoor church yard fishing games with small wading pools and foam fishies
  •  Visit the local community pool or lake/beach as a camp group for swim time
  •  Visit the local zoo or aquarium as a group. Ask in advance for space if you plan to teach a lesson, do a craft or activity while on site.
  •  Create an Under the Sea wall mural or statue display with recyclables, invite parents to check out your “art gallery” at the end of VBS
  •  Write your own unique VBS songs by swapping Under the Sea terms for lyrics of popular Children’s songs


Would you like a sneak peak of tomorrow’s theme? Here you go.



Come back tomorrow and see if you’re right.

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