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From Flab to Fab

Here we are in another month. April flew by and May is jam packed with stuff to do. Back in February my hubby decided he needed to make some lifestyle changes and I jumped right on board with him. He joined a gym and with his membership I get to go too. So for the past few months we’ve been working out 3 to 4 days a week. I totally see how easy it is to become a gym rat. I feel so good after working out. I don’t understand why we haven’t been doing this all along.

I’ve been able to put the Victoria Secret Workout clothes to use. I’ve lost several inches and have a goal to be a size 6 again. I’m down to an 8 now. I look good and feel good and for the first time in my life I have muscle tone. We’ve also been eating better and shopping for our food in better places.

No more boxed dinners and quick fixes. Hubby and I are both cooking together and the kids are even starting to eat better because of our new habits and routines. I am so thankful that I am in a season where we can really focus on our health and fitness rather than ignoring it and saying  “I’ll start exercising one day”.  Hubby and I have realized that we need to take care of ourselves well, before we are able to take care of others and do the jobs that God would have us do.

That means taking out time to exercise and eat healthier. I will admit I still have a sweet tooth but every now and then its okay.

I’m really enjoying the time I spend listening to good Christian music while working out. It’s very inspiring and helps me to push through the hard days of working out.  It’s important to take care of yourselves. If you will get into the habit of doing it while you are young and while your kids are young it will not only help you to create a healthy habit but it will also help your kids to do it too.

There are so many Youtube videos and blogs about getting fit from home that you don’t even have to join a gym. There are so many things you can do now and then one day maybe you can join a gym.

One of the things on my bucket list is to run a 5K and so a gym is a good thing for me right now because I can jump on the treadmill rain or shine. But its going to take some time. And I’m just beginning.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing over time so keep coming back if you want to follow my fitness journey from flab to fab.

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