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March re-Cap

I know I’ve not been around here much and I’m very sorry. I’ve gotten quite a few review posts done but otherwise I have been really busy this month working on a brand new project that my sister and I have been working on.

a2bspring2016 screenshot

On March 20th my sister and I launched Aspiring to Be Magazine. We launched it with 4 articles and 7 writers. We are so very excited for this project and hope you head over and check out the Spring Issue. Right now through the end of April for all those that sign up for our mailing list we are giving away an eBook copy of my book Simple Devotions for Women. 

On a personal journey I have started writing my next book which will be a study guide. I’m really excited about this project and will be putting a lot of time and effort into it. You will find that the things I write about are usually things that I am learning about in my personal life so many times I’m learning right along side of you.


This week we are on our Spring Break so no homeschool for us. But we are extremely enjoying our Mystery of History lessons and looking forward to continuing on with this program in the coming years. I really think this is one of the best history curricula to date. You should definitely check it out.

Sierra, my oldest, has some new exciting ventures coming up as in May she is traveling with the youth group on a domestic mission trip. She is so excited about all of it. When she gets back she will have two more things added to her plate as she is 16 now and will be taking Drivers Ed classes as well as looking for a job.  It is so hard for me to watch my babies grow up and become more independent , but alas, it must happen.

Boo's Birthday Collage 2016

This past week we celebrated Boo’s birthday. She turned 11 believe it or not. Crazy isn’t it? They grow up so very fast. Then there is Princess who is anxiously awaiting for next year so she can travel on a missions trip with the youth. I’ve asked each of my kids to wait until they were 16 and since she turns 16 next year she must wait one more year.

Life just keeps on going around here and yet I am loving every minute of my crazy busy life and schedule. Hubby and I have started exercising at a gym and we are about to start a gluten-free diet as his allergy is biting back in a big way. But gluten free is a very healthy life style choice which we will gladly embrace.

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