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Stand Up {from the archives}

We are continuing again with our archive series. This one was originally posted on  September 11, 2009.  I hope you enjoy.

Have you ever noticed that when the Lord speaks to you its almost in the oddest places?

Wednesday while I was in the shower I just became overwhelmingly heavy and depressed and burdened down with something. I started thinking, “what is this?” and I felt the Lord speak to me and tell me that he has a burden for His children in America. We are slowly losing our freedoms. And its our own fault. One day we will wake up and our freedoms will be gone and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

We have a tendency to think someone else will stand up for what’s right and then we look the other way. There is a time for turning the other cheek but there is also a time to fight. We as a nation need to turn back to God. We need to stand up for morals. Over the years we have set aside good old fashioned moral values to make way for “progress”. What’s progress if it causes us more harm than good. When did the government know better than parents what is best for our children? When did government know better than US about our own healthcare (which I have an opinion on but that’s a whole other post).

Our Bill of Rights are at risk. We are losing them slowly because we won’t stand up when we need to. I broke down into tears and just prayed that God would help me to write what He wants me to write. That I would say what He wants me to say. That I would do what He wants me to do. This life is not about “me” its about HIM.

WE, the body of Christ, need to make a stand all across this nation. Stand up for the babies that lose their lives daily. Stand up for the right to be able to preach the gospel without having to monitor our speech. Stand up for the right to bear arms to protect our families and pledge our allegiance to our nation and to our God and not to some man that is only in the White House for 4 years.

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America

and to the republic for which it stands


Indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

We sing a song that says “God Bless America”, but how can God bless a nation that does not follow after Him?

I pray…..

God forgive America for turning its back on You. For not standing up for what’s right because we are afraid of what other people think. For not doing our God given duty and praying daily for our nation and our government officials. For loving our comforts and ourselves more than You.

Help us to stand up. Help us to turn back to you. Show us what we can do to make a mark on this nation to turn things around. Most of all help us to show this nation that we are still a CHRISTIAN nation.

When will we do what’s right?

When its too late?



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