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10 Awesome Homeschool Blogs to Follow

10 awesome

Today we are going to continue with our top 10 lists with 10 awesome homeschool blogs you must follow.

  1. Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool –  Tina share all kinds of fun lapbook, unit studies and organizational tips and tricks. I’ve been inspired by many of her posts. She offers both free downloads for subscribers and paid products from her shop.
  2. Homeschool Giveaway’s and Freebies –  This site is one of my go to resources as it lists current giveaway’s and freebies as well as deals for the homeschool community.  I would definitely add this one to your reader.
  3. Aussie Pumpkin Patch –  Reading about someone’s homeschool adventures that are literally on the opposite side of the world is really cool. I love that her posts are encouraging and informative. She shares a lot of about their personal schooling as well as products and tips.  While we are sitting in frigid 20 degree temps up here in the northern hemisphere I enjoy reading about her warm days in the land down under.  Plus she really does have some really great posts.
  4. Ben and Me – Most homeschoolers, especially those of us in the USA knew about Marcy.  If you haven’t heard of her yet it’s either because you are new to homeschooling or you’ve been living under a rock.  She posts about her homeschool life as well as shares encouraging articles to help motivate you, reviews to share what products she loves and then even throws in an occasional giveaway.
  5. Free Homeschool Deals –  This site is another great resource for finding great Homeschool freebies and deals plus more.
  6. Five J’s – This is another great blog that shares all kinds of resources and pintable’s to help you on your homeschool journey.
  7. Handbook of Nature Study – If your homeschool enjoys studying nature then this is a great blog full of resources for your to add to your reader.  There are lots of pictures and printable that will help give you ideas on how to use nature study in your homeschooling.
  8. Homeschool Freebie of the Day – This is another great resource. They post a new freebie every day, Monday through Friday.
  9. Investing Love  –  This blog is more than just homeschooling. Yes she shares great tips and ideas on her homeschooling but she also shares great tips for home to as well as beautiful photography.  You should head over and check her out.
  10. Living Life and Learning –  Another awesome blog that shares tips, tricks and encouraging articles.  She posts pintable’s, recipes, healthy living and more.

Head on over and check out these awesome blogs. Make sure to tell them I sent you.