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Curio by Evangeline Denmark {review}

9780310729662.jpgCurio by Evangeline Denmark (Zondervan)

Grey Haward has always detested the Chemists, the magicians-come-scientists who rule her small western town. But she has always followed the rules, taking the potion the Chemists ration out that helps the town’s people survive. A potion that Grey suspects she—like her grandfather and father—may not actually need.

By working at her grandfather’s repair shop, sorting the small gears and dusting the curio cabinet inside, Grey has tried to stay unnoticed—or as unnoticed as a tall, strong girl can in a town of diminutive, underdeveloped citizens. Then her best friend, Whit, is caught by the Chemists’ enforcers after trying to protect Grey one night, and after seeing the extent of his punishment, suddenly taking risks seems the only decision she can make.

But with the risk comes the reality that the Chemists know her family’s secret, and the Chemists soon decide to use her for their own purposes. Panicked, Grey retreats to the only safe place she knows—her grandfather’s shop. There, however, a larger secret confronts her when her touch unlocks the old curio cabinet in the corner and reveals a world where porcelain and clockwork people are real. There, she could find the key that may save Whit’s life and also end the Chemists’ dark rule forever.

My review:

This is my first every Steampunk genre novel.  By the end of the first chapter I was hooked.  The story was different and so interesting I couldn’t put it down. It was so good that I got my almost 16 year old daughter to read it. Right away I could tell this was a story she would love.  In fact I asked her to give you her opinion about it. So here is more from her.


Sierra’s review:

My first thoughts about this book is awesome. It’s an interesting storyline.  I thought it was really interesting because it was a steampunk novel. I had never read one before.  My favorite character was Grey. I liked her reactions to the different situations. It was interesting to watch her discover all this stuff about the Defenders.

My second favorite character was Blaise. He is kind of like a vigilante type of character and yet his is willing to help his friends.

My favorite moment in the book is when Blaise and Grey were flying over Curio.

I would definitely read more and I’ve already started telling all my friends about it.  Overall it captures your attention from the first chapter.

We both enjoyed this book very much and are giving it a five star rating on Amazon.  You can click on the image above to find out how you can purchase a copy of this book.

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