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10 of My Favorite Photo’s from 2015

I’m going to continue with my Top 10 series this month. This week I’m sharing 10 of my favorite photo’s that we took over the past year.  I hope you enjoy it.

10 photos

1 squirrel 008

1. From January of 2015.  This squirrel was cold and was staying up against the trunk of the tree to stay out of the cold wind. He/she was so cute sitting there I couldn’t help but photograph it.

2 candle 024

2. Again from January 2015.  It was cold outside but we were nice and toasty in the warm house. The flame was beautiful set against a gray dreary day.

3 Hope snow 005

3. March 2015. My beautiful Princess went outside and enjoyed some play in the snow. While I took pics from the door so I could run right back into the warmth of the house.

4 sea dragon 020

4. April 2015 we visited the Aquarium of the Smokey’s in Gatlinburg. This was the first time I had ever seen a Sea Dragon. They were the coolest things ever.

5 grist mill 128

5. April 2015 we drove down into Cade’s Cove and found this adorable little Grist Mill which still runs and you can purchase the ground flour/corn in the gift shop.

6 rose 004

6.  September 2015. Just one of the dozen roses that my beloved bought me for our anniversary.

7 pink rose 008

7. September 2015. To commemorate the day we officially started dating. Wasn’t it gorgeous.

8 smokey mountains 031

8. September 2015. We went hiking with some friends at the Great Smokey Mountains and stopped here to get some pics. This is only one of the many we took here. It was so pretty and this was in celebration that I was no longer working outside the home and had returned home full time.

9 zoo elephant 015

9. November 2015. Our first visit as a family to the Knoxville Zoo. One of our favorite exhibits are the elephants. They are such unique creatures ad so big.

10 zoo on lion 032

10. November 2015.  In our old Zoo my girls had to have their pic taken with the bear statue that lived there. Now we have a new Zoo home and so we had to take a pic with the Lion statue.  Always looking for new traditions to incorporate.

And because I had a hard time deciding on the last photo here is a bonus for you:

bonus zoo girls in tree 056

Bonus: November 2015. My three beauties. How fast they do grow up. In 2015 they celebrated their 15th, 14th and 10th birthdays.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our highlights from this past year. There were so many things that happened but these are just a few fun ones to share with you.  Make sure to come back next week when I share my 10 Favorite Homeschool Blogs.


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