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Faith & The Law {from the archives}

For the month of January while I work on new posts and devotions for the rest of the year I am doing a “From the Archives” series. I’m pulling some good faith posts out from years past and re-posting them for you to enjoy here. I hope you enjoy reading some of my old posts.

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Not that long ago I posted some thoughts that I had about Christianity and homosexuality. I pulled out scripture to show what the Bible said on this issue. Because it bothered me that Christians can accept that type of immoral behavior when the Bible clearly shows that it is wrong. Well we had comments go back and forth between, myself and several other people on both sides of this issue. One particular one stated that we do not live by the law but are saved by Grace. So in other words the “law” was obsolete.

Well I have heard this argument time and time again. On different issues, from lying to adultery. People use that as an excuse to live a sinful life and the pray and ask for forgiveness and yet go right back at it again the next day. It bothers me to see people live like that and then claim again to be a great Christian.

As I was reading scripture one morning the Lord brought me to Romans 3:27 – 31. I have read these verses many times but this particular day it was like God just made verse 31 stand out.

Romans 3:31 (NLT) “Well then, if we emphasize faith, does this mean that we can forget about the law? Of course not! In fact, only when we have faith do we truly fulfill the law.”

It doesn’t say that we forget about the law it says that when we have faith we “truly fulfill the law”.

Without the law how would we know how to live. Our government gives us laws to guide our lives. Without laws we would live in turmoil. Imagine a world were no law existed. It’s not a pretty picture. You would have guns and weapons in the hands of those who kill for sport, (and I’m not talking about hunting).  You would have grown men raping and molesting young children and there would be nothing we could do about it. Yes we have these issues already but imagine how much worse they would be without laws to govern us.

Laws are kind of like rules. When we explain our house rules to our children we explain it like this: Mom and Dad are in charge, we make “laws” to help keep you safe and to teach you how to follow the real “laws” when you get older. I know that sometimes they think that is unfair but we set our “laws” to protect our children. Our government sets laws to try to protect her people. Just like our God has set into place “laws” to protect us as well.

Following God’s laws are not always easy (read Matt 7:13 & 14). Ask any child if its easy to always follow your parents rules. Most likely you will get a no from them. But that is how they learn obedience. That is how they learn to follow God in their lives as well.

So being saved by grace and having Faith in God does not mean we ignore the laws that God has set forth in His word. In fact I believe that it means the opposite. We should strive to live a perfect and holy life. Only by faith can we truly do that.

Strive to live the way God has called us to live and live out your faith everyday because the world is watching.


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