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Longing for Paris by Sarah Mae review

978-1-4143-7261-7Longing for Paris by Sarah Mae

For anyone who has ever daydreamed of another life . . .

Most days, you wouldn’t trade what you have for the world. You love your husband and your kids, and you are grateful to God for your life. But there are days when you feel as though life is rolling over you in waves and you are just going through the motions. You find yourself aching for something more, something that is calling to depths of who you are, maybe for something you can’t even name.

For Sarah Mae, it was Paris, a place that is known for breathtaking beauty, inspiring art, and exquisite food. But as she searched her heart, she found there was more to her longings than she anticipated.

Join Sarah Mae in Longing for Paris, a soul-searching, light-filled journey for the woman who knows she can’t uproot her life to discover herself and her longings, but who desperately wants to uncover them so she can get unstuck and choose a life that is filled with beauty, adventure, and deep joy . . . right where she is.


My Review:

Something kept tugging at me to read this book. Every time I turned around it was in front of me. This book was once again a timely book. It was refreshing and helped to remind me that I could have my little piece of Paris right here.  For me its not Paris but just to travel. My longing is to go to England, Scotland and Ireland. Among other places but those are the first ones on my personal list.  So being able to be content with where I am in life is priceless.

This book was what my soul needed when I was struggling with being here now not focusing just on the future. Enjoying my every day and finding ways to relax and not stress through every thing that comes my way. Just looking at the cover reminds me of this. I’ve been trying to enjoy where I am now while still anticipating where I want to be.  It helped me to remember not to miss my now.

I love how she ended each chapter with questions and scripture to meditate on and to make you think.  Well done, Sarah Mae. Thank you for sharing your story.

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