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Have a Thankful Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for many things but there are a couple that I am especially grateful for. HAVE ATHANKFULTHANKSGIVING

First, I am so thankful for the fact that I was raised in a spirit filled, Bible believing home.  Most people may not understand fully until you hear my story.  When I was born I had clubbed feet. My parents were told that I would have to have surgeries and would wear braces on my legs for the rest of my life. Can you imagine how that would have made my young parents feel? It was probably very hard to deal with when the birth of your child is supposed to be a happy occasion.  Despite the diagnosis and the doctors words my parents chose to live by what the Word says.  1 Peter 2:24 says “He personally carried our sins in His body on the [a]cross [willingly offering Himself on it, as on an altar of sacrifice], so that we might die to sin [becoming immune from the penalty and power of sin] and live for righteousness; for by His wounds you [who believe] have been [b]healed.” (Amplified). My parents prayed and believed and spoke over me that I would be healed completely and not need surgery or braces and that I would live a normal life.  They didn’t give up even when my legs and feet looked to be getting worse. They stood on the Word of God and knew in their hearts that I was healed. I’m sure they still had to deal with attacks of the enemy on their minds through it all but by persevering their prayer was answered. My feet and legs straightened to completely normal.  Growing up I never had one single surgery, never once wore braces and loved to run and play with the rest of the kids.  Because of that I knew that healing was a promise given to me through the stripes that Jesus bore on his back before he was hung on the cross.  It doesn’t mean that I never get attacked in my health. But I know how to fight it. I know that I am walking in divine health because God promised in His word that I could.

Second, I am so very thankful for my husband. He is my biggest cheerleader. Because of him I’ve done things I would never have done.  I have always been a shy person but he helps me to push myself. Even when I really don’t want too. For example, I recently was signed up to do a table for our church’s Christmas in November luncheon for the Girl’s Life group at church (our women’s ministry). Going in I didn’t know who I would be partnered with so I said to my husband “I hope I’m partnered with someone I know.” My husband immediately looks at me and says “I hope you get someone you don’t know.” I wanted to smack him.  In a loving way of course.  Well I go to the first meeting and when I walk in the ladies say, “oh Dianna, you’re teamed up with so and so. Do you know her?”.  Of course I had to say no. At that point I wanted to laugh because I knew he would laugh that his hope came true for me. I ended up having a great time and making a new friend. And I am so thankful that he knows me so well.  I also love that  He loves me even when I ignore him. This past Sunday night we had a Thanksgiving service at church. It was kind of like an open mic night. I knew I was supposed to go and give a part of my testimony and share what I am thankful to God for but I got scared. Speaking in front of a large audience terrifies me.  In small groups or one on one I’m good. But in that setting I was scared. My husband leans over and says “You’re supposed to say something”. But I didn’t. I told him no and didn’t go.  That doesn’t stop him from pushing me but he doesn’t feel the need to keep prodding. He will say something but then he will let me make that choice.  I am thankful that he stands beside me even when I make mistakes.  We support each other and he helps me to grow. And I hope that I help him to grow as well.

Of course I am also so very grateful and thankful for my three beautiful girls who are turning out to be truly beautiful young women. They love the Lord so much.  I am so thankful for the fact that are healthy and we can be side by side on a daily basis. That I have been able to watch them grow and develop. God is so very very good.

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