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Get a Free Year of Math for Your Homeschool

Is math a problem area for you? Then guess what, you don’t have to teach it.

This program DOES EVERYTHING for you, including teaching, grading and tracking.

When you are on a budget and have multiple homeschool kids it can be difficult to teach Math. You want to find a something that is easy to use and doesn’t require a huge amount of work. A math curriculum with Video Lessons that teach math concepts & Automatic Grading N Tracking of all the worksheets and tests with step-by-step solution to each problem is a HUGE time saver.
Now you can get this awesome COMPLETE math curriculum FREE for a Whole Homeschool Year. It includes Video Lessons and Interactive Review, Curriculum eBook (lessons in PDF format) and Worksheets & Tests that are Graded and Tracked by this program automatically.
NOTE: The FREE offer is for those who have NOT had a chance to use this wonderful math program for your homeschool journey. If you have already used this math curriculum (or one of our similar programs), you may not qualify for this free offer, however, we will be happy to offer you 60% discount if you would like to purchase one.
The Video Lessons teach various math concepts with fun, colorful and engaging computer animated visuals. The Interactive Review helps you identify and close learning gaps as the program automatically “re-teaches” math concepts if student provides incorrect answer. Parents/students can review each completed assignment with step-by-step solution to find mistakes and correct the issues.
All this makes this Math Curriculum a HUGE TIME SAVER & a BIG WINNER for Busy Homeschool Moms – ALL FREE.

My youngest child and I have used this curriculum before and it’s a great product and does so much for helping your child get over the areas they are struggling with without you putting in more money to supplement it in order to help them learn the concept. In fact it includes supplements already.  If you have not tried this program now is a good chance for you to do so risk free.

Get it FREE 1-Year(whole year worth of math)!

Limited Time Offer – NO Credit Card Needed!

Yes, the Video Lessons that teach math concepts ARE INCLUDED! It also creates, assigns, and grades assignments (worksheets and tests) and tracks student progress for you so you don’t have to. This will easily save you 2 to 3 hours each week and get rid of all the frustration of checking and tracking student work. You DON’T have to teach, the program will teach for you!

You get a lot with this Math program – ALL FREE,
* Video Lessons with Interactive Review
* Curriculum eBook
* Worksheets & Tests – Already generated for you (online or print PDF)
* Parent can generate and assign worksheets & tests (optional)
* Students complete worksheets online or offline (printed PDF)
* Step-by-Step Solution to each problem
* Automatic Grading & Tracking (HUGE Time SAVER)
* Easy to read reports
* Plenty of practice to master math concepts

Why this new program and what’s so GREAT about it?

Most homeschool moms spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for each child homeschooling Math. This program can give you most of that time back with Video Lessons, Interactive Review, Worksheets, Tests, Step-by-step solutions and automatic Grading & Tracking. ALL this makes this a complete and ONLY math curriculum you will need – ALL this for FREE!

Just to reiterate this program is a great program and will help you to eliminate unnecessary additional purchases of supplemental programs.  I definitely recommend giving this a shot. And what better time to do it?  It’s completely FREE!


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