Ladies, You Matter

Everyone wants to know that they are doing a good job. I don’t care who you are we sometimes need that reminder. There are days when we think know one else sees what we are doing. We often wonder if what we are doing is making a difference. We long to know that we’ve done a good job. We question whether or not anyone actually cares.

I’m here to to tell you that YOU MATTER. It doesn’t matter if others see you or not. Or if no one ever tells you that you are doing a good job. Because the most important person in the world sees you and loves you and knows the fight you fight and the walk you walk. He knows what your life, job, story means to those around you. We may not be famous, or even be all that known to those around you but you have a life that matters to God. What you don’t realize is that there is someone who needs you. They may not even realize it themselves, but they need you. They need to hear your story. It could be just the little things that they see. Your day by day living. But you are an inspiration to them.

Keep in mind that we may not ever know the extent we touch others until we get to Heaven, but you are touching someone, somewhere with your life. YOU MATTER.

So don’t give up. Keep pressing on. God is with you. Loving you. Walking beside you. Sharing your hurts, frustrations and fears. He is whispering to you. “I love you. YOU MATTER.”


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