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It’s Fall Ya’ll

Oh how I love fall. The leaves changing. The crisp cool air. The pumpkin and apple everything. You just can’t get away from it. Especially living in East Tennessee. Being in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains ensures I have a very beautiful and colorful fall. Of course the days begin to get shorter but with this being the beginning of the holiday season. I can work with shorter days. Of course my all time IMG_2680favorite thing happens too. Daylight Savings time will come to an end and we will be back on NORMAL time. My body will be so happy.  I must say that the “invention” of Daylight Savings Time was the only thing I wish Mr. Ben Franklin had not suggested. My body can not handle all this back and forth. However, I am looking forward to the morning of November 1st to give me just one extra hour of sleep. Can you tell I’m getting older? And here I just told my hubby last night that I’m not getting older as fast as he thinks I am. But alas when you start looking forward to bedtime almost as soon as you wake up in the morning you have to admit that getting older is exactly what is happening.

Along with fall comes all kinds of fun activities around town. Fall festivals, apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides and so very much more. I am looking forward to the hiking that we will do this fall and the trips to see the leaves change in the mountains (which I missed the last couple of years due to working a lot).  Pictures of the kids on said hikes and grabbing another family pic here or there.

As far as homeschool I’m putting together some fun fall crafts for the kids to do along with some recipes for home economics as well. As an update my girls are doing really well in school this year. Seems like we are finally overcoming some “difficulties” that we have been struggling with in several areas. We are really excited about where we are headed in our school journey and even though we still are having difficulties we are overcoming them and comprehension of the issues is very important. My two high school students are finding that the majority of their school work is really not as bad as they thought even though math can cause some challenges. However they are discovering that they are actually understanding it so much more now. My 5th grader has progressed quite a bit in her struggling area, so much so we are going to add another area to focus on as well.

I’m excited to see where the girls will go from here on out. Plus they are helping me so much more and I’m seeing some independence starting to show up in each of them.

Now here is a look to the future of some book reviews I’ve got coming up. I just can’t stop reading and I want to share them with you. As well as some books I have read or am reading for my own personal time.

Book Reviews Coming:



Books read so far this year (for personal reasons):

You can also see what we are reading personally, for review, or in our school by following me on GoodReads.

So tell me what is currently on your “night stand”?

(There are no affiliate links in this post. All links are just to share with you so you can find the books online and read their summary. I will make no money if you click on the links.)

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