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It’s Good to Be Queen by Liz Curtis Higgs

070033Gain wisdom from a legendary royal! Longing to deepen her understanding of God’s ways, the queen of Sheba traveled to Jerusalem to sit at Solomon’s feet. In It’s Good to be Queen, Liz Curtis Higgs invites you to join this celebrated woman as she learns how to be bold, seek counsel, admit wrongdoing, and above all else, to honor the King of Kings. Includes Discussion Questions for a single session discussion, and an in-depth Study Guide for multiple session groups. Paperback.

There are very few people I know that can take a small section of scripture and write a complete book and study about it. Liz is one such person. She did it with her  “The Women of Christmas” book which is excellent and she did it again with this one. This book follows the Queen of Sheba as she seeks out King Solomon to see if what she has heard about him was indeed true.

I found it very informative and very interesting. I love history and Bible study and this just combines to make it something really special. She captures your attention with her knowledge of the time period and places that this story takes place in. The study guide included in the back of the book really makes this one fun to dig into.  In fact I would love to do some more study about this woman and what history tells us, although, as Liz tells us its not very much. But nevertheless, I am intrigued.

If you enjoy studying about women mentioned in scripture, I believe you will find this book a very enjoyable one to read/study.

This book is available in bookstores now.