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Changes are an Ongoing Process

I know I’ve taken quite a long break. Many things have changed. In real life and on the site. The first major change was we moved from one apartment to another. It was a good move. We went from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom so the girls can now spread themselves out a bit. I’ve also returned home full time to focus more on my kids and my husband and a few other things that God has put on my heart. I also went back to free hosting (to help cut the costs of the blog).  I published my first book (eBook also available). That was a whole lot of work. As little as the book is it took two years to get it done because of all the other things that were on my plate. And right at the end of all of that we started homeschooling for the year. We are almost finished with our second week back in homeschool.

So as you can see there has been lots of stuff going on. I’ve only been home full time for two weeks and have been super busy so it hasn’t really hit me yet that I am not working anymore. I know it will soon. But lightstock_woman_with_coffee_reading_Bible_on_couchpraise the Lord when God tells you to do something he provides for you in order to do it. So my income has not been lost. In fact my husband’s income has increased and it covers what I was making. God is so very good.

I really wanted to write today to let you know that a few things will be changing as God opens doors for me in certain areas to continue to write in and closes other doors for me to release to Him. I believe what He is revealing is much bigger than I will ever truly understand until it all comes together. But that is what I love about serving God. He takes things further and makes them bigger than we can ever truly imagine.  If you haven’t already done so I highly recommend that you change the bookmarked site that you have for me to  As I am posting this in multiple places to ensure all my readers are seeing it starting in October I will only be posting on the WordPress site and want to make sure you do not lose me and that you get your feed updated.

I appreciate all of you so much and you don’t really understand how much each of you have blessed me and I want to make sure that we stay connected.  Now on to some of the changes that will take place here. I will still manage to do some reviews and possibly even giveaways but I will be very selective and not do nearly the amount as I was doing before. You will see more personal updates like our homeschool, life and a whole lot more about faith. I will be posting once or twice a week and if I post more than that consider it a really busy week as I have some other things (not on this site) in the works as well.

I am still working on my Home Ec curriculum and will be offering that next summer, as it takes time to develop things like that.  I also have some ideas for more books. We will be working and writing and studying for more of those as I’ve always known that writing was in my future. There will also be some surprises to come.  Maybe a few guest posts from trusted friends and bloggers. So we shall see what all will be coming. When God is in control you never know what might happen.