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Blessing by Lyn Cote review

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Blessing (Quaker Brides)

An impetuous love swept Blessing Brightman away from the Quaker community, into the highest ranks of Cincinnati society. But behind the glitter of ballroom and parlor, her spirit slowly eroded in an increasingly dangerous marriage. Widowed young, determined never to lose her independence again, Blessing reclaimed her faith and vowed to use her influence to fight for women’s rights and abolition.
Gerard Ramsay, scion of a wealthy Boston family, arrives in Cincinnati hoping to escape his father’s clutches with a strategy that will gain him independence. His plan is soon complicated, however, by the enchanting widow. Never before has a woman spoken as if she’s his equal―or challenged him to consider the lives of others.


My Review:

The subject of this book was very intriguing to me. It caught my attention that it was written in about Cincinnati in the 1840’s. I had never read a book where one of the main characters was Quaker and it was quite interesting.  Since I am originally from Cincinnati it was really cool to read about this time period in that area. I’ve always loved history and the fact that Mrs. Cote included the history of the area in the back of the book was right up my alley.  In fact so intrigued me that I actually went online to learn more. I like books that can do that whether fiction or not.

The two main characters, Blessing and Gerard are as different as night and day. Yet, they are unusually drawn to one another. I love how they each develop their relationship with one another while also changing individually. They learn and grow from each other. You can see how the people around you can seem one way to you and then when your perspective changes how they are perceived completely different than once thought.

I love how during this time period the Underground Railroad was going strong and as well as women’s right were being thrown into the mix. You never think of these two things going hand in hand yet they were being talked about and there were conferences going at the same time.

It is a very interesting story and my first book by Lyn Cote. I’m looking forward to reading more of her work.  This book is not just fluff. There is substance to it.  It is a great book and one I think you will enjoy.




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