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Hello all, I have a couple things for you today. I’m not posting a review today. Why? Well, because I’m not finished reading all the review books I have at the moment AND I needed to take some time off. Real life has caught up and has taken me away from getting some things done quicker than others which includes reading as quickly as I normally do. However, in the coming months I will be posting some more reviews but after August I think I may slow down on them. We shall see. There are a few things I will be focusing on in the months ahead and I need to refocus. Anyway, I am asking that you do something for me. I have a quick 10 question survey I would love for you to take. I’m trying to get my blogging lined up with where my heart is and I need some input from you. If you wouldn’t mind filling out this survey below I would be eternally appreciative to you.

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Thank you so very much for filling out the survey and letting me know some important things about you, my beloved readers.