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New Read Through the NT Plan and Update

Hello to all my lovely readers. It’s been a while since I posted an update. It seems that there has been so much going on lately. I can’t believe May is gone and we are in June. This past Friday GeekGirl and Princesswe finished up our school for the year. GeekGirl finished her Freshman year and is now a rising Sophomore. Princess finished 8th grade and will be starting her freshman year of high school in September and Boo finished 4th grade and is now a 5th grader.

It’s so hard to believe that my kids are growing up so fast.  I was thinking about it yesterday while at church. My baby is only in her children’s church for one more year then she moves up to the Middle school group in the youth group. Wow where did the time go?

Now I’m packing up our home yet again and looking for a house.  So we are in the house hunt once again. That is stressful all by itself but I’m thankful that God will provide and open the door where we need to be. I’ve also been working at the retail location that I work at quite a bit because we are closing and several of our girls have moved on to other positions and so we are short handed and therefore time off will be a luxury.  Of course I am thankful for this job and thankful for the girls that I have worked with. All of which I will miss terribly but at least one I get to see at church. That makes me happy.

God has been doing some awesome things in the life of myself and my husband. I look at some of things God has done in our life over the past year and its been amazing. To see where we were compared to where we are and to know that its just going to continue to get better. Doors are opening and we are prepared to walk through.

As the summer progresses I will try my best to keep up with the blogging but there is much to be done and time to spend with my family and as they are the most important thing to me I will not sacrifice that time with them as it is precious to me.

Now that I have you all updated I have the June reading plan ready for you. I hope you have enjoyed having this for you.  Just click on the image to download and save the original size. (To download click the image and then right click and save to your computer.)


Read through the Bible

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